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TYPES OF DRILLING MACHINE Portable Drilling Machine 2) Sensitative Drilling Machine 3)Upright Drilling Machine 4)Radial Drilling Machine 5)Gang Drilling Machine 6)Multiple Spindle Drilling Machine 7)Automatic Drilling Machine 8)Deep Hole Drilling Machine

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Portable Drilling Machine

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It can be work at any position and any where Machine is operated by hand power. This machine contain small motor. It having high speed and small drilling size. The diameter of hole do not contain more than 12 to 18 mm size

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Sensitive Drilling Machine

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Types of sensitive drilling machine It is having mainly two types 1)Bench mounting 2)Flour mounting

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This machine is designed for drilling a small hole and at high speed in light job. It can not contain arrangement of automatic feed mechanisms. The drill is purely feed into the work by hand control . This machine are capable rotating drill of diameter from 1.5 to 15.5 mm The speed of rotating drill is 2000 r.p.m.

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Upright Drilling Machine

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This type of machine having also two types 1)Round column section 2)Box column section

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Radial Drilling Machine

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Types of radial drilling machine A) Plain Radial Drilling machine B)Semiuniversal drilling machine C) Universal Drilling machine

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Gang drilling machine

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Multiple Spindle Drilling Machine

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Automatic Drilling Machine

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Deep Hole Drilling Machine

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Types of Deep hole Drilling Machine A) Vertical B) Horizontal

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Drilling Machine operations 1) Drilling 2)Reaming 3)Boring 4)Counterboring 5)Countersinking 6)Spot facing 7)Tapping 8)Lapping 9)Grinding 10)Trepanning

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