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Filipino Bakery in UAE:

Filipino Bakery in UAE Capricorn Bakery LLC - One-stop destination for an ultimate taste. Capricorn’s luscious range of products is the best treats to add color and palate to your celebrations.

Milk Bread in UAE:

Milk Bread in UAE Soft & fluffy bread with intense milky flavour that’s great with everything. This soft white bread is a little sweeter than the traditional breads. It is ideal, fresh or toasted, for sandwiches.

Spanish Roll in UAE:

Spanish Roll in UAE Fluffy sponge! Savour the rich custard and milky fresh cream roll that melts in your mouth!


Capricorn is the most dominant player in the Middle East region, risen modestly over the past 20 years and are popularly known as the Industrial Manufacturer & Distributor of a spectrum of breads, cakes, pastries and confectioneries, serving a wide range of customers and market segments with a vast distribution network.

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