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It is generaly name for liquors, which means “water of life” WHISKEY It is distilled from fermented mash or corn or cereal grains.Whiskey are broadly into two categories, straight which are maid of grain and malts and blended which is made from grain,malt and water.

Whisky is classified as::

Whisky is classified as: AMERICAN-generally referred to as Bourbon ,which contains at least 51% of maize and is aged at least two years in oak .Wild turkey is an example.

American Whiskey-Wild Turkey:

American Whiskey-Wild Turkey


Canadian- IS also called Rye in distinctive product of Canada.It is barely distilled from a marsh of cereal grains such as rye,barley or wheat.It is aged at least three years before it is bottled. Canidian club and Crown Royal are examples of this type.

Canadian Whiskey:

Canadian Whiskey

Irish Whiskey:

Irish Whiskey It is tripled distilled from a marsh of barley and aged for at least four years in wood. Examples are Jamierson and Bush Mills.

Irish Whiskey Example:

Irish Whiskey Example

Japanese Whiskey:

Japanese Whiskey Are from various blended grains that are sometimes included small amount of rice but almost never wheat or rye.

Japanese Whiskey:

Japanese Whiskey

Scottish Whiskey :

Scottish Whiskey Whiskey made in Scotland also worldwide scotch. It barely use barley in its composition and found in three basic types according to the raw material utilized.

Scottish Whiskey :

Scottish Whiskey

GIN- comes from the word genievre which means jupifer berry, the chief flavoring agent in gin:

GIN - comes from the word genievre which means jupifer berry, the chief flavoring agent in gin It is highly aromatic blue-green berry juniper, a low slung evergreen bush that is commercially grown in Northern Italy, Croatia, The United States and Canada. Present day gins are flavored, distilled colorless to pale yellow liquor made from fermented marsh of cereal grains


The distinct flavor of gin comes from exposing the vapor of juniper berries and other plant products.It is serves as a mixer for cocktails like in Martini and Gimlet,Tom Collins and Gin Tonic. It is recognized as refreshing and cosmopolitan drink.In the Philipines ,the most popular brand of gin among local consumers is in the Ginebra San Miguel Label.

Gin examples:

Gin examples


It is distilled from fermented mash of sugar cane juice or molasses ,which is produced in most tropical countries and generally bottled at 40% alcohol.Rum usually derive their name from their place origin ,and each has own distinctive flavor .Differing styles such as Amber,Spiced,Dark and Blanco are produce in different method . RUM-


In traditional method of process ,sugar that has been harvested in placed hacking machine .Then the resulting small piece are then soaked in water and grounded . The juice is extracted and filtered ,then fermented

RUM Examples:

RUM Examples


Vodka- This is clear colorless and thus resembles gin but has faint Citrus like flavor. It is often used instead of gin or whiskey in mixed drinks.

Vodka Examples:

Vodka Examples

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