Janine Zargar The Missionary Health Care Professional

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As Vice President of Doctors United, Inc., Janine Zargar has worked as the lead administrator for the New York company since 1998. Doctors United operates four outpatient treatment centers in underserved areas of New York City and Westchester County.


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Janine Zargar : The Missionary Health Care Professional:

Janine Zargar : The Missionary Health Care Professional It is hard to earn the awe and reverence in the filed of paramedical treatments in today’ world, because of the tough completion between the health care professionals with excellent record in their fields. Many of them take the assistance of alternate medicines and paramedical sciences for curing the patients with critical medical conditions, which is not hard on the ailing body and does not have too many side affects. Janine Zargar, a missionary health care professional had chosen her career in the medical profession a long while ago, and even at that time she did not hesitated to try employing the unusual ways of curing the patients with the alternate medicines, when it was not much popular in the medical arena. She succeeded in whatever she did, and gradually people started believing her for the healing touch she is able to provide to her patients. Janine Zargar is not just famous in the health care industry for her knowledge, and skill of treating the patients with care and sympathy, but also for her tremendous capability of managing the business operations at hospitals, and its staff members. Obviously, the responsibility of handling hospital management is not an easy job, and it can be owed by only that person who has rich experience in the related field and a through understanding of dealing with the learned community, as the doctors and employees at the reputable hospitals are highly qualified, with the unmatched academic records. Not just this, AKZ Management her earned deep respect for hr ability to deal with the patients and their attendants with dignity and grace, as a part of her professional responsibility. While managing the health care facility at hospitals, it often becomes difficult to find a little time to rest or have peace of mind for a while. Still, she never let her tiredness reflect in her behavior, as she knows that there are several aspects of hospital management, which cannot be handled without having patience. Perhaps, this is the reason that many people envy Janine for what she has achieved, as the wife of the renowned Chiropractics expert, Moshen Zargar , and her partner at work. It is true that many peple wanted to put hr name in controversies, and started making derogatory remarks on her on the internet, but it never stopped Janine Zargar from serving the humanity and she continued to touch new milestones in her career, because of the unhindered support of her well wishers, patients, and those who are aware of her honesty, sincerity and dedication towards her profession, and her belief that she has her duty towards the mankind.

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