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6 Outstanding Ways to Use Salesforce for Customer Retention

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In the latest era of technology to enhance your business you have collected data regarding your customer base and have decided to take the help of Salesforce consulting companies. Now after gathering these probable leads you wish to turn them into your customer. However these customers have decided to shut down their accounts after a month or so. The companies therefore must focus that getting a new customer and retaining the previous ones are two different aspects. Majority of companies put emphasis on hiring the best Salesforce consulting companies so that they can transform the probable leads into its customer. There involves a good amount of financial investment to convert these leads into a new customer. As the competition gets high some of your customers switch to another company then its alarming and one must work on retaining the existing customers. In research conducted by Bain and Company it is established that a 5 increase in existing customers brings about a 25 increase in the overall business.

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Ways to retain customer using Salesforce Platform: 1.Gather your data centrally through integration: In customer orientated approach companies should operate in the best way to convert their relationship with the customer into a meaningful one through providing fast and precise services. This is not an easy task to accomplish when you are using various apps that might hamper your functioning silos quality speed and time and ultimately leads to customer dissatisfaction. The ideal solution to this hitch is using Cloud to integrate collect and store all your data on a central platform. Salesforce consulting companies guide you by providing you the best-cloud based integration platform that removes all the IT linked bottlenecks and streamline the data flow into different business processes.

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2. Send a personalized message using customer data: You can source valuable customer data by taking services from the best Salesforce consulting companies. Now engage with your customers by sending them personalized messages in their emails. The search history of the customers is readily accessible and based on that you can respond and send them suggestions too. External email tools like MailChimp is also available to send personalized emails to customers. These little steps make the customers feel more connected to the services. 3. Salesforce in social media: Social media has become one of the vital medium for communication in the era of technology.

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Often customers involved in a communication process through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter therefore companies must reply back to their queries through the same medium. Experts at Salesforce consulting companies make you familiar with social media integration tools through which you can keep a record of all the conversations and access all the messages from social media under one spot. Re-engage with Inactive Customers: While you consider generating leads for new customers it is advised to trim your list of old inactive customers. . However there is a greater probability of the previous customers follow-up of the purchase than the new ones.

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Install the Salesforce integration tools and add features of external email service like MailChimp to segregate the old customers. You can re-engage with them by sending them personalized messages and offers through a different segment created. Integrate Salesforce with Your Customer Service Platform: We all apperceive that chump account is the new business and the added able way to absorb loyal customers but as the stats show abounding companies abort at it. After-sales affliction doesn’t just beggarly blockage in with your chump or sending them offers. You as well accept to acquisition a way to accord finer with chump complaints because 55 of barter stop accomplishing business with a aggregation if their complaints are not responded to in a appropriate manner and 72 of barter say that answer their botheration to assorted humans abnormally impacted on how they beheld the business.

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You can abbreviate this by amalgam Salesforce with your chump account platform. Your chump account aggregation will again accept admission to all chump information allowance them accumulate clue of any outstanding chump issues and preventing issues from falling through the cracks. Service Cloud from Salesforce is an customer service platform account belvedere that allows customer service teams to calmly get an overview of all customer interactions including phone email social media channels and affiliated devices. Use IPAAS for Business Intelligence: IPAAS can be used in Salesforce from platform to platform integration.

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The Best Salesforce Consulting Companies claim that in order to make various software applications and components feasible in Salesforce IPAAS should be installed. IPAAS has improved the reporting ability and generated facts and customer reports which get the feed from other apps as well. The data and information are collected by IPAAS from on-premise applications and cloud and can be transformed into an app that is more friendly to mobile devices and other apps.

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