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When I got off the bus at the place embraced by the snow mountains, I realized that was exactly the destination in my dream -- Dharamsala.


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Summon from the Snow Mountains—Dharamsala: 

Summon from the Snow Mountains —Dharamsala In my childhood, I made a dream. Getting off a bus in the snow, I saw pine forest, but I didn’t know where to go. 20 years later, when I got off the bus at the place embraced by the snow mountains, I realized that was exactly the destination in my dream -- Dharamsala. To answer the summon from the snow mountains, here I came...


On the bus. The travel took 12 hours from Delhi to Dharamsala. It was 6AM. We were about to arrive. Before actually seeing the snow, my feet were almost frozen.


Morning was going to break, the contour of trees was vague.

Meeting my dream: 

Meeting my dream Blurry shadow of trees was retreating when the bus was climbing the crooked road in the mountain. I got off the bus at upper Dharamsala. In the snow, I finally met my dream.


On the balcony of the guest house, I bathed in the warmth of the premiere sunrise of my trip.....


Upon the morning of my arrival, bad snowy weather continuing for days stopped, and sunny days started to unfold.


Prayer flags hung on my balcony


The Script of My Daily Practice With azure sky above the snow mountains, the daily practice became so refreshing.


The air was cold, and the heart was calm. Meditating upon the snow mountains, I always felt them calling me home.


The prayer wheels were situated in the market of Upper Dharamsala, where the inhabitant called Mcleod Ganj.


Where there are Tibetans, there are prayer flags. Deities and mantras are printed on the flags. The wind blows the blessing to every corner of the world.


Following the nun and monk walking in the footpath, I took photos in the mountain. They disappeared after I finished photo shooting. At the end of the path, there was no temple. To me, it was like a mystery.


Even in the mountains, houses were rich in color.


There were a lot of eagles in Dharamsala. In the sky above Gyuto Tantric College, where H.H. the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa temporarily resided, they were astonishingly much more numerous.


He followed me for I wore so much like tourist. I turned back and took this photo of his curiosity to me as well as his yummy yogurt!


Prayer flags hung from the house into the forest.

  freedom of the clouds: 

  freedom of the clouds


The Temporary Camp of H.H. the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Gyuto Tantric College, embraced by clouds and snow mountains, was where my heart belonged.


The snow mountain watched over the Gyuto Tantric University was slightly different from the ones in Mcleod Ganj. It was almost about time for the audience of His Holiness. In a few more minutes.....

During the audience, I got so emotional……: 

During the audience, I got so emotional…… Loitering in Gyuto University, I gradually calmed down. Dormitory of the monk A warm and silent afternoon


The Window of Tibetan Museum On the way to the Dalai Lama’s temple, the museum was situated not far from the main entrance.


Fire Puja in the Dalai Lama’s Temple The monks were chanting in very low voice.


It was so touching to see the elderly doing prostration in such piety.

Tibetan Exiled GovernmentDepartment of Information And International Relations: 

Tibetan Exiled Government Department of Information And International Relations There was a small entrance down on the left side of this building. It was the station of Voice of Tibet. I often listen to it though I don’t quite understand Tibetan yet.


The Main Circle of Tibetan Exiled Government

Tibetan Library: 

Tibetan Library On the next day, in Mcleod Ganj I met New Yorker Ruddy who unexpectedly helped me with my life. When he just arrived Dharamsala, it was the place he flew to. He found many answers to his life in the books here.


「Nechung Cafe」was situated near the library. Though it looked small and common, their Chiao-Mien (fried noodles) was delicious.

「Nechung Cafe」was the only restaurant here. 4PM. I walked in. The young monks had a day off. They tended the cafe here. After taking my order, they started to read newspapers.: 

「Nechung Cafe」was the only restaurant here. 4PM. I walked in. The young monks had a day off. They tended the cafe here. After taking my order, they started to read newspapers. I ordered Tibetan Tea. Out of my expectation, it was water + milk + butter!! I stopped after 2 mouthful. A few minutes later, a Japanese professional photographer came in and we talked. Within 2 sentences, he gulped down the tea! I felt so much like to remind him, “Mister, you really should ask if I have any contagious disease first!!”


While there was no customer, the 2 young monks sat out bathing in the sunshine.

Special Tree in the Government Zone: 

Special Tree in the Government Zone


「Nechung Temple」was situated in the Government Zone.


Interior of Nechung Temple The musical instrument as well as the robe were still there. In the back were Mandala & dorma (the offering).


The Giant Prayer Wheel in Nechung Temple I insisted to turn it and made sure the bell rang 3 times before I left.


The Side Wall of Nechung Temple After my arrival, I found it the most beautiful temple in Dharamsala. Very small, but colorful.


On The Way to Tibetan Children’s Village Pondering over the message from Ruddy, I had a conclusion while meditating upon the snow mountains. On the way to enlightenment, I had more strength to go on. It was like the trunk—growing upward to the sun though the leaves were all gone.


In Dharamsala, the air was clean in good days. The moon was always easily seen in day light.


The Office of Tibetan School On my way to Tibetan Children’s Village, I met 2 young Tibetan girls. I asked them to bring me to the school office. But it was winter vacation. The office was locked.


We therefore called on the principal. However, she was gone for Delhi. Her mother welcomed us warm heartedly. Tibetan carpet, in the afternoon sunshine.


The principal’s mother, an amiable granny, was already in her 90’s. For my visit, she was busy with preparing wonderful milk tea as well as offering Tibetan New Year crackers. I felt so warm.


The Hall of Tibetan School


The Cultural Center of Tibetan School From this angle, it had such an aura of culture.


The School Leaned upon the Snow Mountains The nature view here was so fabulous. It was just on the contrary to the hardship of exiled Tibetans. The Tibetan children’s homes scattered around the school. These orphans’ parents were mostly still in Tibet.....

Chime Dolka   &  Kunchok Dolma : 

Chime Dolka   &  Kunchok Dolma They were from Tibetan Children’s Village. I met them on my half way there. They showed me around by my request. Before I left, I kept reminding them, “You must study harder and learn more, especially English. After you grow up, try to leave this place, and one day come back again to help more Tibetans!” Hugging them, my eyes started to flood……


Dall Lake was beside the Tibetan School. It was said there was Hindu Goddess guarding it.


I love the atmosphere of sunshine piercing through objects.


Chitse in Hotel Tibet It was somewhat similar to our Chinese flat noodles. Recommend Chitse & Momo (dumplings) in Hotel Tibet.


Upon this scene, my thoughts started to be released… in Hotel Tibet.


Norbu was jewelry and Lingka was garden. It was formerly the garden of H.H. the Dalai Lama. At present it became the institute preserving Tibetan Culture.


Not far from the entrance of Norbulingka was this field full of prayer flags.


The Golden Prayer Wheels in Norbulingka


Thangka painter in Norbulingka His air of an artist as well as his concentration, reminded me of a special person who, along with the past, was frozen in the time stream, and would never appear again……


Norbulingka Interior of the Temple A very tranquil space. After walking in, I felt like at home and did not want to walk out again. Sitting quietly there, watching the Buddha and the photo of H. H. the Dalai Lama, I got nostalgia.


Norbulingka Roof of the Temple Under the blue sky the Dharma wheel


The Room of H.H. the Dalai Lama A very warm afternoon. Like in Bodhgaya, except desks, chairs and Mandala, there was nothing else in His Holiness’ room. Again I was deeply touched by his selflessness and mercifulness.


Tourists were all gone. There was only me, striving for images before the close hour.


Magnificent Norbulingka Temple I kept turning back, felt reluctant to leave. It was my last hour in Dharamsala.


Someday I will return to Dharamsala to visit H.H. the Karmapa. I will not forget the prayer in my dream, “I, henceforth, pray your mercy to turn the Dharma wheel.”

The End: 

The End In Dharamsala, I met many people. I encountered many things. I had got the key and the messages. From then on, my life was totally different. I had stepped into another journey. The surface reason I was here was not important anymore. The true meaning underneath awoke me. It might be due to the blessing from H.H. the Karmapa, or the summon from the snow mountains. But Dharamsala, for everything of you, I promise I will come back.....

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