Social Technology for Sharing Practice

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Social technologies for sharing practice : 

Social technologies for sharing practice PERSoNA, Planet, Streamline projects: Janet Finlay, John Gray, Jim Hensman, Wendy Luker

Introducing the projects : 

Introducing the projects PERSoNA: Personal Engagement with Repositories through Social Networking Applications (Leeds Met) Planet: Pattern language network (Leeds Met, Coventry, Glasgow Caledonian, Kings College, LKL) Streamline: Integrating repository function with work practice (Leeds Met)

Sharing practice : 

Sharing practice Two elements of sharing practice: Sharing content (material, what I use) Sharing experience (activity, what I do) Teaching practice highly contextualised – losing this loses value Need to know not only what but where and why Writing a paper is not the best way to share teaching practice Sharing practice effectively facilitates reuse telling me is not useful if I cannot act

Sharing practice projects : 

Sharing practice projects PERSoNA Streamline Planet Sharing content Sharing experience

Social technologies for sharing practice : 

Social technologies for sharing practice PERSoNA Streamline Planet Sharing content Sharing experience Community Wiki Facebook Delicious Blogging Twitter Web Apps Tagging Sharing outwards: Wordpress, flickr, slideshare, Youtube, Facebook Sharing within: Google docs Google Groups

The Planet Wiki : 

The Planet Wiki Supports the Planet project and community in its main roles Collecting case studies/stories Identifying and refining patterns Using these in new scenarios Mapping patterns and creating a language Pattern store and search host Supporting the project team and project management Document/Presentation/Information resource Tagging and API (Linking to other systems)

Slide 7: 

PERSoNA: a new approach Traditional repository Multi-purpose environment Work flow Modular repository Habit/inertia Terminology Usability Widget technology Dynamic environment Social tagging SlideShare Web 2.0 Flickr

Slide 8:

Sharing about the project : 

Sharing about the project Project blogs Flickr/Slideshare/Youtube/Facebook Syndicated content into Emerge Elgg site Twittered about key posts Took part in synchronous online conferences Took part in asynchronous discussion forums

Sharing within project : 

Sharing within project All of the above plus Google groups Google docs Google code Public – private divide? Managing spaces – keep it simple

Embedding sharing practice : 

Embedding sharing practice Sharing experience: Provide spaces: online and face to face – disciplinary teams, course teams, teaching and learning staff Use a simple structure (e.g. Planet process) Value sharing practice (as you value sharing research) Sharing content Support process of using repository – staff, tools (e.g. Streamline) Encourage sharing Mechanisms e.g. Persona Rewards Consider licensing and IPR up front and be explicit

Embedding social technologies : 

Embedding social technologies Don’t legislate – facilitate Make use of social technologies but don’t neglect face to face Keep it simple Share what works

Over to you : 

Over to you How is practice shared in your institution? What works? How might you use social technologies to facilitate sharing in your context? What issues/challenges would you face?

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