The Tragic Effects of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

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The Tragic Effects of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect:

The Tragic Effects of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

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It isn't always easy to recognize when a patient at a nursing home is being abused or neglected. Many of the perpetrators of this type of behavior know full well the risks and will take active measures to abuse their victims in such a way that no noticeable damage is apparent, or, when it is, being sure to keep it hidden from concerned parties that might find them out. Even in the case of neglect, active precautions may be taken to ensure no red flags go up.

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Not only that, but elderly people are often already insecure about the fact that they are so much more vulnerable later in life and may be so embarrassed by their inability to take care of or defend themselves that they just keep the abuse to themselves. But the effects of nursing home abuse on an elderly individual are extremely serious and for that reason it pays to always be curious and aware of what is going on.

1. Physical Injury and Suffering:

1. Physical Injury and Suffering Of course, any abuse, whether it be physical mistreatment, sexual abuse, or even rough handling, can lead to physical injuries or suffering. These can be bruises. They can be bedsores. They can even be broken bones or internal injuries. These physical manifestations of abuse are obviously the easiest to notice, but most abusers will be sure to do their best to hide them, and since they are the ones in charge of the patient's care, they often have the power to do just that.

2. Emotional Wounds:

2. Emotional Wounds Just as damaging can be the emotional scars created by a victim who is unable to defend themselves, and this is equally true when the abuse is more emotional than physical. Elderly people are often experiencing a lot of difficult emotions later in their lives, and anyone who is a victim of abuse will obviously suffer emotionally. In some cases, they will become extremely depressed if someone does not intervene.

3. Financial Losses and Theft:

3. Financial Losses and Theft If the abuser is taking the elderly person's money and pocketing it or diverting it into their own bank account-possibly even just using it to purchase themselves expensive things-the end result can be severe financial damage to the elderly person's accounts or estate. In some cases, if enough money is taken, the victim can end up in a bad enough financial position that they can no longer take care of themselves in these later years of their life.

4. Sickness and Disease:

4. Sickness and Disease Whether due to unsanitary conditions in the nursing home, neglect, or a lowered immune system stemming from emotional suffering, abuse can even lead to sickness and disease. As patients are often already physically weak in their old age, this can be a dangerous problem.

5. Premature Death:

5. Premature Death In a severe enough case, physical abuse can result in death. And even in other cases where the emotional effects of the abuse get bad enough, an elderly person may suffer declining health and premature death as a result of depression and an inability to cope with what is happening to them. It's tragic that we even have to think of such things in this day and age, but unfortunately, we cannot always trust the people who we depend on to keep our families safe and sound later in life. It's of utmost importance to always be aware of what's going on-most importantly, communicate with your aging loved ones as much as possible and inquire about their care.

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And if anything is suspect, do not hesitate to contact legal help to get to the bottom of things. Here you can find more info and help: Resource for this presentation:

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