Reasons Why a Career in Merchant Navy is Unlike Any Other

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In this ppt we can describe the Reasons Why a Career in Merchant Navy is Unlike Any Other


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Reasons Why a Career in Merchant Navy is Unlike Any Other:

Reasons Why a Career in Merchant Navy is Unlike Any Other


Introduction By choosing marine engineering as a career, a person can gain a lot of professional exposure and gain a lot of travel experience. And also the pay is very good in this field. There are very few lines of work around the world that pay s such a salary to entry level officers as the merchant navy does. Here are some reasons that portrays why choosing a career in marine engineering is a good choice.

Reasons Why a Career in Merchant Navy:

Reasons Why a Career in Merchant Navy Confluence of Cultures Extensive Exposure Inspiring Adventure Regulated life-style

Confluence of Cultures:

Confluence of Cultures A professional involved in a merchant marine career gets to meet and mingle with people of different cultures and nationalities. This helps the individual to understand and function better as a team player and learn the nuances of different cultures and traditions at the same time. This automatically increases adaptability and brings about more awareness about what goes and what doesn’t in a different country. A merchant navy officer is easily malleable and can fit in with people around the world without much effort owing to their regular exchange with foreign nationals. Even if a ship employs a single nationality crew, working with the port officials from different countries also adds a great deal of awareness among seafarers about cultures and customs.

Extensive Exposure:

Extensive Exposure Merchant navy careers offer a lot of exposure to unexpected events, situations and emergencies. By facing such unmitigated events, professionals gain a widespread knowledge about dealing and facing such problems, in the event of them arising again. The exposure one gets in this field is unlike anywhere else and which helps a person to grow in every aspect. The aspect of professionalism also kicks in wherein the ability to be quick with decisions and problem solving is paramount. Lack of precision can be devastating onboard and with constant exposure to a high degree of work ethic over the years, a seafarer becomes conditioned to sudden jolts!

Inspiring Adventure:

Inspiring Adventure A career in merchant marines is like having adventures on a day-to-day basis. It’s an adventurous life out there. Other routine jobs, involve people having to spend nine hours in an office. This is not for people who like nine-to-five jobs. Merchant mariners get to explore and view the excellent oceanic vista for days on end which, acts as inspiration unlike any. Being at the mercy of the ocean naturally demands a considerable level of commitment from one’s part. It is not all sunshine and peaches at sea and ‘adventure’ can also mean that one has to be sharp at all times, ready to face the perils of the sea as well as the ship and her crew.

Regulated life-style:

Regulated life-style Punctuality and discipline are two very important qualities that a person gains through a merchant marine career. Since the oceans are highly unpredictable, a seaman has to be highly cautious, focused and alert to counter any eventuality, thereby reducing the repercussions substantially. These two qualities are imbibed in maritime professionals right from their college training. The discipline goes a long way in real life and brings about some really positive changes in everyday life. It is this discipline onboard that enables a young officer to become an adept Master years later.


conclusion Since marine engineering is a highly lucrative career , many tends to chosse such a career. Thus resulted in increase in the number of institutions that offers such a course. Hence the real task is to pick out the best marine college in Tamilnadu which offers you a good quality education .

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