Advantages of Merchant Navy

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in this ppt we describe the Advantages of Merchant Navy


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Advantages of Merchant Navy&Good Of Sea Life.:

Advantages of Merchant Navy & Good Of Sea Life.


Introduction Marine engineering is considered one of the toughest field where your mental toughness, as well as your physical capability, is tested, but it also offers you a lot of opportunities to explore the outer world and provides the highest salary among various engineering branches. By opting for such a career, individuals can combine a lot of different facets and gain a lot of exposure in terms of professionalism, adaptability, and travel.

Advantages of Merchant Navy:

Advantages of Merchant Navy Paid Training Tax Free & High Income Long Vacations Travel Experience (Meals & Lodging) Uniform & Respect Pure Environment Self Improvement & Time to Think. Limited Working Perimeter

Paid Training:

Paid Training Yes, After finishing your pre-sea training which is conducted in a marine school, we join a ship for onboard training as a Cadet and get paid. The Amount varies from company to company from $300-$600.

Tax Free & High Income:

Tax Free & High Income According to Indian government if you are not present in India for 182 days, you are not eligible to pay tax. So, if your contract is more than 182 days in a year, NO TAX!! And getting paid in dollars , working on water , actually is profitable and that too in early stages.

Long Vacations:

Long Vacations As long as it’s considered, when you are at home, you are free to do whatever you want to. Time off varies from weeks to months and from company to company.

Travel Experience (Meals & Lodging):

Travel Experience (Meals & Lodging) There is no charge for the food you eat, laundry, room you sleep in, flights u board (mostly), your company takes care of that from the day you join even as a fresher. It actually let you save more.

Uniform & Respect:

Uniform & Respect I don’t know about other sailors, but it makes me kinda proud u know!!

Pure Environment:

Pure Environment Not that level of pollution, after a certain time period you find yourself working in proper air conditioning, food you eat is handled by professionals.

Self Improvement & Time to Think:

Self Improvement & Time to Think Sailings, when you are not on duty, when as a fresher sleeping is the favorite thing, but as you grow you do things which you couldn’t do because of the lack of time , reading literature or anything else, sketching. Numismatics, there is no boundary. You think about things and yourself, it’s just you and your mind.

Limited Working Perimeter:

Limited Working Perimeter You don’t have to get up early, freshen up , be ready , take a bus or drive through kilometers ,parking, then work or wander the market ,again travel to home, Here it’s like, get up, freshen up , change. Limited perimeter for working.


conclusion As discussed above, there are many such benefits which makes it worth picking marine engineering as a career. Today, there are many marine engineering colleges in Tamilnadu , so it is important for you to be wise and choose the right institution for you which provides you quality education and allows you to apply your knowledge through many hands-on sessions.

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