Aspire AVP Review Perfect Device with Adjustable Wattage

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The Aspire AVP starter kit is an amazing AIO pod. This comes with 700mAh battery and 2ml pods. You can fill it as per need. The best thing about the device is that even with several refills, you get the same flavor and vapor. For more details visit:


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Aspire AVP Review Perfect Device with Adjustable Wattage


Product Specifications T he Aspire AVP starter kit is a pod system with adjustable wattage in three levels. This is a compact, lightweight and includes 2 ml pods within the box. This is Aspire’s fourth product, the other three had replaceable coils and came with the title of AIO. This one too comes with the AIO tag and this is a pod vape. The device comes with a 700mAh battery and weighs just 73 grams.


Build Quality & Design The AVP by Aspire is definitely one of the best built pod vapes that I have used. It is small, slim and compact but it still feels solid and sturdy. It is also light enough to not be cumbersome but still has a good weight to it that feels like you are holding something of value. The front and back of the AVP have a carbon-fibre like pattern that is contoured by the metallic body and the branding is subtle and nice. This one really feels like a premium device worth more than what it retails for.


Aspire AVP Performance The AVP from Aspire is a great vape pod. It produces a warm, dense vapor with a loose MTL draw. Like most pods you aren’t able to adjust the airflow, but you would enjoy the way it hits. If you want warmer vapor you can hit on the high setting for a slightly cooler vape you can vape it low. The flavor is good and you get the best flavor by vaping it on high. Pod life is another highlight. It wicks and vapes well and you can have more than ten refills without change in flavor and vapor.


Battery Life and Charging The Aspire AVP starter kit features a 700mAh battery which is rather large for the size of the battery. Expect to go through a full 2ml pod at the medium power setting, which may be good for a day of you are using medium to high strength nic salts. Coming to the charging, the LED lights up as you vape, serving as battery indication. The green light indicates battery is over 3.8 volts, a blue light means it is 3.5-3.8 volts and a red light means battery is under 3.5 volts. It takes 50 minutes for full charge.


Filling The Aspire AVP First remove the pod from the body or housing of the device. Turn the pod upside down and locate the filling hole. After you spot the filling hole, pour the e-juice into the pod until it is filled. Next, flip the pod back to its upright position and place this back into the body. Now, the pod will reinsert easily as there are magnets positioned inside to pull the pod back into place. Filling the pod is not difficult, just be careful when filling and that’s all.


The Verdict All-around the AVP by Aspire is a solid pod vape. It has got excellent battery life and quick charge times, great flavor and long-lasting pods. It wicks and vapes well with every e-juice. The best thing is that you won’t face any leaking or spit-back. Also, filling the device is easy and hassle-free. Finally, this is an excellent device.


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