Choose Your Best One Between Suorin Air Plus And Suorin Air V2

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Both the Suorin Air plus and Air V2 are examples of the finest technological display. The third-generation Air Plus stays ahead in the competition with air V2. The current presentation denotes the differences. For more details visit:


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Suorin is known for their innovative products and technology. Their AIR V2 is not any exception. This is a real sleek pod comes with a decent look. It looks more like a card than standard vaping devices. It’s about 3.5 inches tall, a little less than 2 inches wide, and 1/4 inch thick. A small LED light on the bottom lights when you fire it. The changing color shows the changing power level. Suorin Air V2


Suorin Air Plus Suorin Air Plus is another example of improved technology and design. It also has the same look of credit card and easily gets fit in the pocket. Suorin Air Plus measures 93.2*49.9*9.9mm, so still ultra-thin for a vaping device but much larger than the original overall. It has a zinc alloy metallic casing giving it the strength. The tinted plastic on the sides helps the LED battery indicators to be visible. However, it adds the vulnerability too.


Both Suorin AIR V2 and Suorin Air plus are an example of technological brilliance of Suorin. One hardly can argue that one is inferior to other. In terms of looks, both the devices come in the card's shape. Both are portable and can easily get fit in the pocket. Both uses draw the activated firing system. However, it is the performance that differs because of the other key features. The Air Plus VS the Air V2


The Suorin Air V2 comes with a 400mAh battery. Suorin air plus has a 930mAh battery. It looks that the battery power is nearly doubled, but it is not. Air plus has an increased power level and high coil resistance. However, it gives more vaping hours than Air V2. The battery is more than enough for a device with a maximum power output of 22W. The Air plus features a USB C-Type charging. Such charging allows it to get a fast charging. Battery Capacity - Power


Coil Resistances Power Another striking difference between the two devices is coil resistance. Both devices give a fantastic output for use standard or saltnic juices. 1.2ohm resistance of Air V2 is a perfect option for the saltnic juices. The Air Plus offers two coils with a resistance of 0.7ohm and 1.0ohm. therefore, one can use both standard and salt nic juices together. Therefore, one can use both standard and salt nic juices together. While using the 0.7ohm coil, it is better to use the standard e-juices. With the 1ohm, salt nic juices are recommended.


What Type Of E-Liquid Is Best For The Suorin Air Plus Pod? When it comes to using the juices, standard juice is not an option in the case of V2. However, for Air Plus, it offers the vapers two choices. With the 0.7ohm coil, one can go for any standard e-juices. It gives a perfect flavor output. With the 1.0ohm coil, it is better to stick with the salt nic juices for the right amount of nicotine hit. If the vaper has a likeness for the flavor then the vaper can use standard juices, as it will give them options. But in case they are looking for a nicotine satisfaction, nicotine salt is recommended.


What The Future Will Bring Both the devices in terms of looks and user friendliness give each other a tough competition. However, the performance creates the difference. With the unique C type charger, it is expected that the Suorin Air Plus battery will charge rapidly. The expectations of the vapers with the Suorin Air plus has not been failed.


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