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The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Pod is one of the most popular vape devices available. it offers a 2ml e-juice capacity and includes dual adjustable airflow at the base. You can get this from SaltNic at an unbelievable price. For more details visit:


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THE LOST VAPE ORION VAPE POD The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Pod is an all in one pod system that utilizes an Evolv DNA Chipset. The device is extremely compact, portable and quite convenient. Owing to its high features, the device is highly popular among the vapers, new and old. If you want to learn more about the device, you need to read on.


ABOUT THE LOST VAPE ORION Coming with a superb stainless steel construction, the Lost Vape Orion is quite impressive when it comes to quality. It offers many options when it comes to the frames. The front and back panels have inlays featuring different designs. Right from the outside, you would notice a locking lever releasing the pod, a LED light indicator as well as adjustment button. The micro USB port is located at the bottom base.


WHAT’S INCLUDED WITH THE LOST VAPE ORION When buying the Lost Orion, you might expect the kit to include everything necessary, but this is not the case with this pod. in case of Orion, you would need to purchase the pod cartridges. However, no one knows why the pods weren’t included in the first place. But you would surely forget what’s included and what’s not when you start using the pod vape.


LOST VAPE ORION OPERATION The Lost Vape Orion Operation are of two types, main operation and basic operation. In basic operation you need to identify the pod resistance and then find out how you can insert the pod. In case of the main operation, you must know how to lock/unlock device, checking current battery level and more. Also, adjusting the power level is important too. In case of main operation, the lights indicate the battery level.


BASIC ORION OPERATION In case of basic operation of the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Pod , you must know which pod to use since there are two types of pods available. Next, find out how you can insert the pod. You must line the contact on the pod with the contact on the device. With the contacts touching each other, you need to press down on the opposite until the pods snap fits. Next, filling the pod with e-juice is important. Unscrew the top, fill the e-juice in the pod, set it aside for sometime, screw the cap.


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