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Vapeccino Mate 1 starter kit is one of the most useful vape devices. It comes with 410mAh battery and lasts really long. It charges up fast and takes just 25 minutes. Moreover, you can enjoy 165 puffs or more depending on your vaping style using this device. Visit


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Know All About Vapeccino Mate1 starter kit


About Vapeccino The Vapeccino Mate 1 starter kit might appear than just an upgrade to a regular pod, but it has been packed with several amazing features that makes it a smart choice for all vapers, new and expert. It includes a 410mAh battery and a new coil system. In other words, the device is actually here to change your vaping style once and for all.


Manufacturing Quality On the first glance, the Vapeccino Mate 1 might appear like the famous JUUL. However, on a closer look you would find it has a sleek body and a slightly angular mouthpiece. Another thing is the viewing window. The pod gets inserted into the chassis with three cutouts that allows you to gauge on the remaining e-liquid that’s left in the pod. However, there are some other pod devices that actually make it difficult to understand if the pod needs replacement.


Flavor Quality The Vapeccino Mate 1 offers great flavor and vapor, both. Each of the coils uses a side to bottom airflow for a flavorful vape every time. However, remember this is a pod device and don’t expect vapor like mods. It also works best when used with salt based e-liquid or high concentration of e-liquid. The result is a smooth throat hit that this vape pod offers.


Power Flexibility The Vapeccino Mate 1 fires at a fixed output that tapers down when the internal battery got depleted. The variable wattage is not an option here. You get less temperature control, pre heat and adjustable TCR values. Overload protection and overvoltage protection features are also included in it that makes charging the device hassle-free. Apart from this, the 8 minute auto shutdown keeps you protected from misusing the device.


Portability The Vapeccino Mate 1 starter kit outshines many vape devices in this section. The battery life is pretty impressive and the credit goes to 410mAh battery. It is capable of being fully charged and takes just 25 minutes to charge. The full charge lasts for about 165 puffs. However, it can either more or less depending on the type of vaper you are and how you often you vape. Owing to its small size, the device fits your pocket and bag easily.


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