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For my best friend and brother: Michael Dean Grubbs II

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I remember the day we met. We were Just kids. Yet, I remember the bond we Formed in just a few hours time. A bond That we didn't know, would hold fast for a lifetime. Remember? We met on a Sunday night after church, we were at FACES. I thought you were a goofy kid, and Ashlee had a crush on you. So, I came down to check you out. I was right, you were a goofy kid. Not sure what you thought about me that day, but, you instantly became my best friend. From that moment on, we were pretty much inseparable.

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Then the day came when you told me you were leaving. The Air Force had given your dad orders to GA. I was devastated. I knew that the next few weeks would fly past us, but I was determined to make the most of it. So, like kids do, we spent most nights out at the lake. Until that day.... the day you said goodbye.

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One Year after you went to GA, you called and said you were coming for a week. The entire family was excited. Mom, dad, LeAnn, and Bliss. I was the most excited though.

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You grew up on me and joined the marines. What happened to that goofy kid? Life took many twists and turns in our years. In 2006 we lost Scotty and just a few months later Papaw passed unexpectedly. You held me together through both of those losses. You wrapped me in your arms, and drove many miles to pay my respects and your own. Such an amazing friend to leave everything and come to my side. Every year, you come home to visit. Every year, I feel like no time has passed.

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On September 21, 2009 you called me with some very exciting news. You had given up drinking. You were walking away with your head held high. I was so proud. This news brought up some painful memories. You see, you were always angry when you were influenced by alcohol. Or maybe that anger was only directed at those you loved most. Today, I can say, I only keep the good memories alive. There are only good memories to make.

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I have four beautiful children that love their Uncle Mike more than he could ever fathom. It was your decision to walk away from this addiction that has saved our friendship. It is by the grace of God that you have been strong enough to continue this battle. I will never let go of your hand as you walk through this fire. Your reward in heaven will be great.

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Happy 2 Year AA Anniversary Here's to many more years of happy memories and never ending friendship. I love you, brother!!

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