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The World’s MostEndangered Species : 

The World’s MostEndangered Species These Creatures May Be Extinct In Your Lifetime. By Jamie New

The Black Rhinoceros : 

The Black Rhinoceros Since 1970, the Black Rhino population, native to southern and east Africa, has declined by 90% to less than 3,000. They are killed primarily for their horns. Trade of Rhinos has been banned for more than twenty years. Although having banned trading of the species, there still continues to be a great demand for Rhino parts. Extinction?

Giant Panda : 

Giant Panda Within a few short years, Giant Pandas could be facing extinction. Fewer than 1,000 remain in their native habitat of China. The main reason for their decline is due to loss of natural habitat and poaching. Combined with logging and the natural dying out of bamboo forests, pandas are forced to seek new areas of bamboo, but many fail and end up dying of starvation instead. However, the greatest threat of all to the Giant Panda is man. Disappear?

California Condor : 

California Condor An estimated population of less than 50 mature individuals. The California Condor, is one of the largest flying birds in the world and can live up to 40 years. Once common all over the lower half of America, California Condors were victims of shooting, poisoning, pesticides, collisions with power lines, and habitat destruction. Goodbye?

Spotted Handfish : 

Spotted Handfish The spotted handfish is one of the world's most endangered marine fish. The main threats to handfish are those which impact on their habitat. Potential threats to these handfish species include: pollution, climatic and oceanic change, stochastic events such as storms, future accidental introduction of alien species and fisheries related. Gone?

Orangutan : 

Orangutan Orangutans are solitary animals who spend most of their time up in trees. This is where they eat, sleep, and mate. Loss of habitat is a big danger to orangutans as they rely on the forest for food and shelter. Much of their homelands are being destroyed by loggers who are cutting down the trees and by fires. In addition, even though orangutans are protected by law, baby orangutans are caught and sold illegally all over the world as pets. Eliminated?

Flightless Cormorant : 

Flightless Cormorant A.K.A Galapagos Flightless - The Galapagos flightless cormorant evolved in an isolated island environment that was free of predators, it had no need for it’s wings and became flightless. However, the Galapagos Islands have not remained free of predators and this cormorant is now one of the world’s rarest birds. There are now only about 1,000 flightless cormorants left and the species is listed as rare. The End?

Asian Lions : 

Asian Lions The current wild population of Asian Lion consists of about 350 individuals restricted to the Gir Forest in the state of Gujarat, India, and is under the private protection of the ruler of the small state. The Asian lion habitats include tropical dry forests, tropical grasslands, deserts and semi-deserts. About 85 Asian lions survive in captivity. Die Out?

Tiger : 

Tiger Tigers are endangered mainly from poachers. There used to be 100,000 tigers in Asia alone and now there are only 4,000 tigers left around the whole world. Poachers even hunt in parks where some tigers live. Some people will pay 65,000 dollars for 1 tiger skin. Almost everything related to the tiger has been sold and held in high esteem and price, be it their claws, their fur, their teeth and in some cases, their eyes. Vanish?

Florida Manatee : 

Florida Manatee The Florida manatee is one of the most endangered marine mammals in coastal waters in the United States. It has been listed as an endangered species since 1967. The major threats to the manatee are watercraft colliding with the animals, and destruction and degradation of habitat. Although there are only about 2400 manatees remaining, last year 268 manatees were killed in Florida waters, and 82 of those were killed by boat collisions. So Long?

Red Panda : 

Red Panda There are fewer than 2,500 adult red pandas. Red Pandas have been dubbed, highly endangered since1988. Their habitat, similar to the giant panda, shrinking due to deforestation. Bamboo forests in China and Nepal have been cut down so that the land may be put to agricultural uses. Although these pandas are protected internationally and within Nepal, "over 75% of potential red panda habitats fall outside protected areas. History?

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye, To These Animals? : 

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye, To These Animals? These Creatures Could Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth In YOUR Lifetime. I’m NOT Ready To Let Them Go, Are YOU?

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