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Mrs. Thomas’ Third Grade Class:

Mrs. Thomas’ Third Grade Class Baseline Elementary

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WORKSHOP MODEL Opening 10 minutes Student Work time 20-25 minutes Sharing & Closure 20 minutes

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Objective: The learner will utilize various strategies to solve a problem type .

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Once students reviewed the months of the year, they were divided into groups to problem solve. Students were grouped based on their mathematical abilities. It is important that ALL students put forth an effort during this time. Students who are on the same level can strategize to find the correct way to solve a problem rather than depending on another student to give them the answer.

Student Work Time:

Student Work Time

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Classroom Management Before releasing students to work on their problem types I display their partnerships on the smart board. Symbols are also posted beside each name which represents jobs within the group. ALL students should be engaged during the work time.

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Leveled Problem Types For this lesson I provided students with three different problem types, which are related to elapsed time. These problems were designed to differentiate my instruction within the classroom. Level 1 : simple, one step problem Level 2: Multistep problem Level 3: Challenging multistep problem

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Leveled Problem Types for Elapsed Time Students are NOT expected to answer all three problems. Students are to work at their own pace during the 20 minute students work time. At this time, I will be observing groups. ALL group members must be able to explain their strategy before moving on to another level.

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Leveled problems make ALL students feel successful.



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As I observed groups, I noticed many of them were starting their calendars on a Sunday. However, March began on a Tuesday this year. I chose to compare two groups during the closing. I used this as a teaching opportunity to show students that our calendars must make sense.

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Students were able to figure out the mistake without much prompting from me. This is what I LOVE about problem solving!

Common Core Standards:

Common Core Standards “Make sense of problems and persevere” -Standards for Mathematical Practices

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