Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

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Digital Marketing has a lot of scope and there is a lot more one can do with it. It plays a major role in the growth and attracting more customers to your business online.


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Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore             2018 is already halfway through and we have witnessed many changes in digital                           marketing. Its impact on the people and businesses has become impossible to                         ignore anymore. You can no longer stay away from Artificial Intelligence or the                           various visual search engines as these are the top ​digital marketing services all                           businesses are opting for as their marketing strategy. Every brand is trying every                           possible way to connect with their audience in a unique way through all the social                               media platforms.    Facts  As per a report in 2018   – There are 4.021 billion people using the internet globally which is up by 7.

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– There are 3.196 billion people using various social media platform which is up by                               13.  – There are 5.135 billion people using mobile phones which is up by 4.  Source  Here are the top best social media marketing trends you should not ignore. Based                             on these you can pick the kind of digital marketing services you would like to run for                                   your company.    Artificial Intelligence – The New Intelligence  Artificial Intelligence holds great importance in the digital marketing processes. It                       has the ability to analyse human behaviour based on their buying and search                           patterns. They also analyse your move on social media platforms and the blog post                             you follow to see how you search for your desired products and services. With the                               help of artificial intelligence you also give information and tips to your users by                             involving in conversations.    Facts  – ​According to a ​survey by 2020 85 of customer interactions will not require a                               human.

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Chatbots For Interaction  Chatbots have become a very important part of Digital Marketing trends. This being                           an AI-based technology makes use of instant messaging to be able to chat in                             real-time with all the customers be it day or night. Chatbots are highly capable of                               meeting customer demands in this digitally connected era by providing instant                         smooth interaction with prospects and existing customers.    Facts  A survey has shown that by 2022 businesses can save upto 8 billion yearly with the                                 help of Chatbots more specifically in the banking and healthcare sectors.    Personalized Content  In 2018 personalized content has become the prime marketing aspect and is                         expected to grow further ensuring customer delight. Sending personal emails of                       personal offers to customers based on their choices provides them a unique and                           personalized experience. It’s better than having the same offer for all.  This is possible with the data available like the customers purchase history or                           previously visited pages can help you customise their offers and make personalized                         content.    Facts  – 74 of ​digital marketers use targeted personalization to enhance and grow                         customer engagement.  – As per ​Statista’s survey the open rate of personalized emails in 18.8 where for                               mails without any personalizations the open rate is only 13.1.

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Mobile is Vitally Important  Social Media and smartphone make the perfect pair. There has been a drastic                           increase in the number of mobile users over the years. It is very important to have a                                   mobile responsive website. Where already 5.135 billion people are using mobile                       phones for almost all their activities it becomes vitally important to have a mobile                             presence.    Facts  – ​The graph below clearly shows that in 2018 there will be more than 2.53 billion                                 smartphone users across the globe.   – By 2020 it is expected to rise upto 2.87 billion smartphone users globally.

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Source  Video Video Everywhere  Over the year digital market has changed drastically. People have opted out of using                             desktops laptops to find content instead they use their smartphone and tablets to                             find or search for anything they need. Its handy and easily available with the mobile                               network data provided. Today consumers want quick and easy solutions to what                         they find. They prefer to watch videos to find the exact solution. Yes Video                             marketing is growing and is most in demand these days.    Facts  – ​According to a report 2019 more than 80 of the web traffic will be represented by                                   Videos.   – You can increase the click-through rate by 200-300 by including videos in the                             emails.

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– 90 of users say that seeing a product video helps in making quicker buying                               decisions.   – Forrester researcher Dr. James McQuivey estimates that one minute of video is                           equal to 1.8 million words.    Social Messaging Apps  Social messaging apps are not only used for sending forwards or emojis to your                             friends. There is a whole lot of things you can do with these social messaging apps.                                 The number below will get your eyes rolling.    Facts  – 1.2 billion users are active on ​Facebook Messenger​ app monthly.   – Every Month 2 billion messages are exchanges between people and Businesses on                           FB​Messenger App.   – Every Month ​Whatsapp​ has at least 1.2 billion active users.    Source

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Visual Search  Visual search is one of the latest type of search engines giving users an entirely new                                 experience. In a visual search user can upload image to get more info on it or specific                                   results.    Fact  – ​Pinterest has topped it all by raising 150 million in venture funding at a 12.3                                 billion valuation to stay focused on visual search.   – They have 175 million users monthly who use it to search for images or pins for                                   food dresses etc.   – Mobile search has increased by 40 than last year.  They came up with Lens a visual search tool where you can snap a picture of an item                                     that you wish to locate to buy online. You can search for similar products online.                               Google Lens Bing Visual Search and CamFind are also some visual search engines                           that help you search other similar images for your images. Each of them have their                               specific search features to make the visual search process easy and fun.    Voice Search  In the current digital era you can find answers to almost all your questions through                               the search engines. People are quiet impatient these days they don’t have the                           patience to wait read the entire content they would rather search through voice and                             get the output through the audio. It saves time and gives you the exact answer you                                 were looking for. With AI in picture the errors that were made by voice assistant like                                 Siri Alexa Google have reduced to a great extent.    Facts  – It is expected that by ​2020​ 50 of all searches will voice based.  – Today already 20 of ​mobile queries​ on Google are voice searches  – 25 of ​Bing searches​ are already voice searches.

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Digital Marketing has a lot of scope and there is a lot more one can do with it. It plays                                         a major role in the growth and attracting more customers to your business online.    Closing Note  Digital Marketing trend is the new phase of ​social media marketing strategy to be                             used for all business. It opens new doors and opportunities to enhance brand                           engagement in a entirely new way. Today customers are everything what we do                           and what we make is to give them a world class experience. It seems 2018’s prime                                 focus is going to be about customer engagement and ways to enhance it. Whatever                             trend you follow you need to have a creatively engaging content that reaches the                             targeted audience in less time frame.    Source By : ​

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