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In case you're here searching for a dark colored sugar substitute, we are certain that you know about wellbeing and wellness. You most likely have put on a couple of additional kilos or you're determined to have diabetes. You can likewise simply be somebody who is recently mindful of wellness and a decent eating routine. for more info:


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Brown Sugar Substitute – A Curated List of What to Use:

Brown Sugar Substitute – A Curated List of What to Use

Brown Sugar Substitute – A Curated List of What to Use:

Brown Sugar Substitute – A Curated List of What to Use Sugar is the most commonly used sweetening agent all over the world. Within that category, white sugar and brown sugar are the most common varieties used in the present times. But while white sugar can be used to sweeten any and every dish, brown sugar has specific application. Bakers generally prefer brown sugar for its unique flavor, color and texture. Fitness enthusiasts prefer brown sugar for its lesser calorie content in comparison to white sugar. White and brown sugars are even used interchangeably in case of an emergency situation in the kitchen. But interestingly, there are a number of things that can be used as a brown sugar substitute as well.

White Sugar and Brown Sugar: Know the Difference:

White Sugar and Brown Sugar: Know the Difference Brown sugar is generally considered to be a healthy substitute of white sugar. Both are derived from the same crops, sugar cane/beet, and undergo the same process for sugar production. But what sets them apart, is the difference in the amount of molasses contained in both. The sugar juice from the sugar cane or sugar beet is extracted, processed for purification, and then heated. It forms a brown-colored concentrated syrup which is known as molasses. This thick sugary syrup is then centrifuged to obtain granulated brown sugar from it. This difference is also the reason why brown sugar is considered healthier than its white counterpart. Brown sugar is said to contain fewer calories while also having some amount of calcium, iron and potassium. People trying to lose weight either cut down sugar completely from their diet or replace it with brown sugar. But a number of scientific studies have proven that the calorific difference between the two sugars is very minute. While brown sugar has 15 calories per 4 grams, white sugar contains 16.3 calories per 4 grams. Therefore, brown sugar hardly has any upper hand over white sugar in the nutritional sense, as opposed to popular opinion.

What to make:

What to make Apart from the health benefits of brown sugar, it is also profusely used in cooking, especially in baking. Although white sugar and brown sugar is often used interchangeably, the latter adds more density and flavor to the dish. It also gives a light-caramel color or brown hue to the food. Brown sugar, due to its high molasses content, retains more moisture which makes the goods soft yet dense. This makes it more suitable for baking rich cookies, sauces and glazes. White sugar is added to goods that need adequate rising such as mousses, meringues, soufflés, fluffy baked treats, and more. That is why cakes that have a denser texture, like chocolate truffle, are made using brown sugar. But cakes having an airier texture are made using white sugar, such as vanilla cake or mixed fruit cake.

How to Make Your Own Brown Sugar Substitute:

How to Make Your Own Brown Sugar Substitute Now there you are, standing in the middle of your kitchen, ready to unleash the hidden baker inside you. But then you realize you have run out of brown sugar and the recipe specifically asks for it. No need to fret! Here’s an exhaustive list of what to use as a brown sugar substitute . 1. White Sugar and Molasses 2. White Sugar and Maple Syrup 3. White Sugar and Honey or Agave Nectar 4. Muscovado Sugar 5. Coconut Sugar 6. Date Paste 7. Jaggery 8. White Sugar-Plain and Simple

Brown Sugar Substitutes in the Market:

Brown Sugar Substitutes in the Market 1. Sukrin Gold 2. Ketofy-Keto Sweetener 3. Raw Sugars 4. Stevia Extracts 5. Splenda 6. Xylitol and Sorbitol


Takeaway Brown sugar finds its place in our daily lives in a number of ways. But it’s possible that you may run out of it at home and need an immediate brown sugar substitute for a recipe. When used in the place of brown sugar in cooking or baking, brown sugar substitutes generally work as well as brown sugar itself. Although some sort of minor adjustments might have to be made and you are good to go. Brown sugar substitute forms part of everyone’s weight loss diet as well. But it’s still a form of refined processed sugar and it has calories too. Hence, you might want to find a substitute for brown sugar for further reducing your calorie intake. Well, either way, as it comes out, there are plenty of brown sugar substitutes to choose from. You can use natural alternatives like molasses, maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar or muscovado sugar. Or you can use zero calorie sweeteners such as Sukrin Gold, Ketofy-Keto Sweetener, Stevia and others in this category.

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