5 Creative Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles

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Don't just throw the plastic drink bottle away after use; you can use it to create something awesome! Here are some creative ideas for reusing bottles.


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5 Creative Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles :

5 Creative Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles By Papercraft Disposable Ltd Ph : 020 8889 6352

Pen Holders :

Pen Holders Create pen holders and desk organizers with used plastic bottles. It needs to cut the upper part of the bottles and decorate them as you want. You can use only one plastic bottle or more than one glued together (hot glue) or fit zipper around the bottle. Use your creativity and make them in different sizes and very colorful. www.papercraftdisposables.co.uk

Food Canister:

Food Canister We can make food canister with two plastic bottles to store food like beans, noodles, sugar etc. Cut the bottles in different sizes: a longer one (to be the base) and a smaller one (to be the cover) and fit them together. www.papercraftdisposables.co.uk

Watering cans:

Watering cans You can easily transform plastic container in to watering can. You only need to make some holes on the cap using a nail and a hammer. Place these bottles (with holes in the cap) upside down on your vase or hang a bottle right on the top of your vase. www.papercraftdisposables.co.uk

Bird’s Feeder:

Bird’s Feeder If you have a garden and like to have birds flying in it, a good idea is to place some feeders to attract them. You can make creative bird’s feeder using plastic bottles. Make small holes in bottles and insert the spoons (wood spoons or chopsticks) by the cable side. Full the bottle with bird’s food and let it slip in the spoon. Now it is only hang the feeder in a tree and wait for the birds. www.papercraftdisposables.co.uk

Snack Bowls:

Snack Bowls You can create perfect the snack bowls by bottom part of plastic bottles. Cut the bottom part of the bottle and use a clothes iron to remove any imperfection (only press the edge gently against the iron for some seconds). Use it to put small snacks as peanuts, olives and cheese. www.papercraftdisposables.co.uk

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