A Wide Variety Of Quality Hearing Aid Brands

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At Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions we believe that hearing aids are a necessity and not a luxury and should be priced accordingly. For far too long, we believe that some hearing aid retailers have been pricing hearing aids at prices that the market can bear rather than what is fair.


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1300 586 104 A Wide Variety Of Quality Hearing Aid Brands

Oticon Hearing Aids:

1300 586 104 Oticon Hearing Aids Oticon - An award-winning hearing aid manufacturer Oticon is one of the most prominent hearing aid brands in the world supplying hearing aids with stylish design and containing some of the very best hearing aid technology. Oticon is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Oticon is based in Denmark. They are commonly called Opticon by new users. Their range includes Alta Pro, Alta, Agil Pro, Agil , Acto Pro, Acto , Ino Pro, Ino and the latest small Intiga 10 ,8 and 6 Wireless hearing aids.

Phonak Hearing Aids:

1300 586 104 Phonak Hearing Aids Phonak - Implementing the latest hearing aid technologies Phonak is a Swiss hearing aid company that is renowned for their technical prowess and innovation. They are one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Their hearing aids are considered to be some of the most flexible on the market and their range is second to none. Phonak's current range includes Lyric2, Bolera , Virto , Naida Q, Audeo Q, Nano iic and the revolutionary CROS aid. They have also just released a waterproof range of hearing aids called H2O.

Siemens Hearing Aids:

1300 586 104 Siemens Hearing Aids Siemens – Great Performance and High Quality Acoustics Siemens is a well known German brand, who designs some innovative technologies. They were the first to introduce wireless technology in hearing aids and have also recently released the Micon Chipset. Siemens' range includes the Pure and Motion range, which comes in at 4 price points. They also have the super power Nitro range of instruments.

GN Resound Alera Hearing Aids:

1300 586 104 GN Resound Alera Hearing Aids Gn Resound - Wireless connectivity GN Resound is a group company of Great Nordic, who is responsible for Bluetooth technology. They are a Danish company who specialises in making hearing aids that have great sound quality and unique wireless technologies. Resound's latest range is the Verso which is available wireless and non-wireless options at three price points.

Widex Hearing Aids:

1300 586 104 Widex Hearing Aids Widex - Outstanding Sound Quality Widex is another of the Danish hearing aid manufacturers who prides themselves on making hearing aids with the very best sound quality on the market. Their sound is often described as the Widex sound and it is often difficult to wean previous users off Widex . Their latest range include the wireless Dream 440, 330, 220 and 110 well as the slightly older Clear range of products.

Starkey Hearing Aids:

1300 586 104 Starkey Hearing Aids Starkey - American Innovation Starkey is the largest American hearing aid company and specialises in making some of the smallest custom hearing aids on the market. They are innovative with their developments like sweep control and have just released their Wi (wireless) and Xino range of hearing aids available in 110, 90 and 70 variants. Starkey also have an invisible in the canal hearing aid called SoundLens available at 3 price points.

Bernafon Hearing Aids:

1300 586 104 Bernafon Hearing Aids Bernafon - Swiss Value Bernafon is a Swiss hearing aid company specialising in value for money hearing aids, containing good technology. They share a lot of technologies with Oticon as they are both owned by William Demant . Their lastest Bernafon Acriva range of hearing aids take advantage of this relationship using Oticon's latest chipset with Bernafon's own ChannelFree processing and market leading feedback manager.

Unitron Hearing aids:

1300 586 104 Unitron Hearing aids Unitron - Producing high-quality hearing aids Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid company, who specialises in making exceptionally good value hearing aids, by collating all the best hearing aid features and introducing quality hearing aids at lower cost. Unitron now has the excellent ERA chip in their latest Moxi2 KISS 20, 16 and 10 hearing aids as well as in the Quantum range with the Quantum Pro at the premium end.

Sonic Innovations:

1300 586 104 Sonic Innovations Sonic Innovations Sonic Innovations is an American company, specialising in electronic noise reduction algorithms. The have been bought out by the same company that owns Oticon and Bernafon . Their latest Flip wireless hearing aid available in the Flip 100,80 and 60 variants uses Oticon technology and combines it with Sonic's software. Sonic also has the ultra small Groove invisible in the canal hearing aid available.

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