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Value Hearing is very different. We essentially offer you great consultations service, more after care and top quality hearing aids for less money. This equals better Value Hearing aids.


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Hearing Aid Consultations:

Hearing Aid Consultations Value Hearing is very different. We essentially offer you great consultations service , more after care and top quality hearing aids for less money. This equals better Value Hearing aids. We are able to do this as we specialise in providing the best service, care, after sales care and hearing aids specifically targeted to the privately funded individual.  At Value Hearing & Tinnitus Solutions we believe that hearing aids are a necessity and not a luxury and should be priced accordingly. For far too long, we believe that  some hearing aid retailers have been pricing hearing aids at prices that the market can bear.


Consultations Free Introductory Appointment Hearing Aid Assessment Quick Hearing Check Diagnostic Hearing Test Tinnitus Assessment Lyric Pre-Candidacy Assessment

Free Introductory hearing discussion appointment:

Free Introductory hearing discussion appointment If you'd like an obligation-free, introductory chat to see how our professional audiology clinic in Perth, Sydney, or Gold Coast can help you with your hearing loss or tinnitus, then make an appointment to see us right now.  Feel free to bring in your hearing loss results so we can discuss how much you can save on our top quality discount hearing aids and tinnitus solutions, or to simply get a second opinion.  There's no hearing test with this appointment, though we can certainly do that right after your appointment if time permits.

Hearing aid Assessment:

Hearing aid Assessment Hearing Aid Assessments are a comprehensive study of your hearing coupled with an assessment of your suitability for hearing aids based on the nature of your hearing loss, in particular your ability to understand speech and handle loud noises. By consistently using a thorough protocol we are able to pinpoint the correct level of hearing aid technology for you. This thorough and detailed analysis takes up to two (2) hours . You'll have plenty of time to discuss your results with your audiologist, who'll address your needs based on your results.  Some other audiology clinics in Perth, Sydney or Gold Coast offer free hearing aid tests, however these may be nothing more than a quick hearing test that doesn't compare with our comprehensive Hearing Aid Assessment. We might also offer hearing aids to trail for free with no obligation to buy if you should wish to do so

Quick Hearing Check:

Quick Hearing Check Quick Hearing Checks, or hearing screenings, are the easy way to determine the presence of any hearing loss and its severity.  We offer this 15 minute service for $20, including time to discuss any recommendations or to briefly answer any questions about your hearing or hearing loss with your audiologist.  Your quick hearing check may include:   A summary hearing history . An inspection for obvious blockages and infections . Air conduction audiometry, where we record the softest sounds you can hear at each pitch through headphones.

Diagnostic Hearing test:

Diagnostic Hearing test Diagnostic Hearing Tests are a highly detailed study of your hearing, providing evidence for the cause of your hearing loss, whether it's the ear canal, middle ear or inner ear or in the brain or auditory neural pathways Your audiologist can then refer you to a GP or medical specialist (through your GP) or tell you whether you'd benefit from hearing aids or other rehabilitation, or provide information about hearing protection.  Air conduction audiometry, where we record the softest sounds you can hear at each pitch through headphones . A detailed explanation and discussion of these results with enough time to answer any of your questions.

Tinnitus Assessment:

Tinnitus Assessment Our Tinnitus Assessments include our comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing Test with a particular focus on tinnitus and reduced sound tolerance along with extensive counseling .   We'll look at your results and your tinnitus along with any hearing loss you may suffer and give you a highly detailed explanation of the cause of your tinnitus. We'll then explain how to lessen its impact on your life and advise how you can significantly reduce it or reduce sound intolerance's ability to annoy you. The tinnitus retraining therapy we use successfully reduces tinnitus and annoying sound intolerance in 80 per cent of cases . A thorough history of your hearing including a questionnaire and an investigation of your tinnitus and sound intolerance.

Lyric Pre-Candidacy Assessment:

Lyric Pre-Candidacy Assessment This appointment has a duration of  approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes a pre-candidacy checklist, case history, a hearing test, a visual inspection and cleaning of your ear canals as well as measurement of your ear canals to determine suitability for the Lyric Hearing aid from Phonak. Only once you've undergone a pre-candidacy appointment and it has been found to be completely suitable for you then will you be offered a trial fitting of the Lyric hearing aid. If you are found to be an unsuitable candidate, we will offer you alternatives to consider. Find out more about the Lyric at invisiblehearingaids.com.au. The cost of this appointment is $200

Address :Suite 7, 16 Kearns Crescent Ardross , WA , 6153 Contact :(08) 6102 6861 :1800 157 429 Website :http://www.valuehearing.com.au/ Email :Info@valuehearing.com.au :

Address :Suite 7, 16 Kearns Crescent Ardross  , WA ,  6153 Contact :( 08) 6102 6861 :1800 157 429 Website :http ://www.valuehearing.com.au/ Email :Info@valuehearing.com.au

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