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Custom Chicken Coops:

Custom Chicken Coops

Coop Designs:

Coop Designs Key West Coop Details: Fits up to 6 Chickens Light weight Easy to move around Easy to Clean Fits in all backyards Easy access to Eggs

The Mansion:

The Mansion Details: Fits up to 15 chickens Has 6 nesting boxes Has owner entrance Easy access Easy to clean Window for solar heat


Gingerbread Details: Fits up to 25 chickens Has owner entrance 4 windows for ventilation Easy clean floor Chicken door for runs 6 nesting boxes Egg door for easy access

Material & Company :

Material & Company Material : All material is new 2x4 spruce timber 4x8 5/8 sheet of plywood 1x4 for fine wood finish Metallic roofing 3” spikes for durability/stability ¼” glass for windows 1”hinges for doors Sealer for long lasting coops Stain or Paint for finished coat Company : Family owned and Operated All products are built by us. Customer is the highest priority Customer is always right English speaking 100% Satisfaction guarantee All coops are designed to the customers exact specifications.

Chicken Statistics:

Chicken Statistics According to the American Meat and Poultry Institute: In 2010, poultry was the second most consumed meat in America, With a 46.1 billion dollar market. The average American consumes approximately 30 chickens a year. Graph above is represented in Billions of dollars

Customer Response:

Customer Response All of our customer have been pleased with the work he administer. We have never had one complaint Here are two testimonials from Customer "I love the Mansion you built for us! It looks amazing in our backyard and the chickens really seem to enjoy it. We are thinking about getting another soon! " Cindy Aster "We're very happy with the Ginger Bread House that you guys built for us; it looks really cute in the yard and the chickens seem to like it. You guys were a pleasure to work wit..." Katherine 100% real testimonies from customers


Summary The poultry industry is a 46.1 Billion dollar industry Custom chicken coops in a growing business We have great customer relations Custom orders, gives us advantage over other competitors Easy advertisement for company growth The sky is the limit to the companies capital gain. Contact Information : CEO- James Marcic Phone Number Email (727)236-2139 Website: Visit us also on facebook! Facebook:

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