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The Mystery of Human Life

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 Where Are Stem Cells Stem cells exist in us and all other living animals

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 What Are Stem Cells Stem cells are a unique cell which continues to divide and grow while the human or animal is living

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 What Do Stem Cells Do  Stem cells turn into specialized cells such as red blood cells or muscle cells when given the right impetus.

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 Stem Cells in Action  Stem cells are regularly turning into blood cells and bone cells in your bone marrow to replace wear tear.

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  Renew and divide for extended periods of time  Unspecialized  Capable of turning into other specialized cells Three Unique Properties

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 Different Kinds of Stem Cells Embryonic Stem Cells  Embryonic stem cells were first used from mice starting in 1981  1998 human embryo stem cells are first extracted used Somatic Stem Cells  2006 somatic or ‘adult’ stem cells are used discovered  These are capable of being used for research  J Kevin Kaufman says this is one of the most important breakthroughs for conduction research

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  J Kevin Kaufman explains embryos which are 3-5 days old are blastocyst and it is from these embryonic stem cells that the entire body of the organism is generated. Being Born

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 Future of Stem Cells Doctors are hard at work trying to unlock how to induce stem cells to change into specialized cells

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 Stem cells could be the answer to curing countless diseases and growing lost limbs Curing Diseases

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