How to Maintain Your Mechanical Mod (Mech Mod Maintenance)

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Mechanical mods need to be cleaned very properly. Since these are made of brass or copper, cleaning this is important to prevent it from corroding. Likewise, cleaning its parts are important too for a good experience.


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How to Maintain Your Mechanical Mod


Why Should You Maintain Mech Mod? You need to maintain mech mod for various reasons. The main reason is to get to good flavor and vapor. You sure don’t want to get unpleasant vaping experience right? For that you need to keep the mech mod in good condition. Some of these come with removable parts. Since the main materials used to manufacture these are brass and copper, these have good conductivity. Being prone to oxidation and dirt accumulation you must keep it clean.


Best Way of cleaning Mech Mod To clean the mech mods you need proper substances and tools. You need to use alcohol wipes to clean the mod. However, you can also use citric acid. Take a small reservoir of water and wash all the parts of the mod. You can clean the threads using a toothbrush. That’s all, mech mods are quite easy to clean.


How To Clean Your Mechanical Mod Contacts? When cleaning the contacts on mech mod, you need to maintain proper precaution. If the contacts gets damaged, it would definitely hamper the performance. You need to use proper metal polish. If the contacts are not cleaned properly, this would result in performance draining issue. Ensure the mech mod is cleaned and polished in a regular basis.


Clean Copper Patina On Your Mechanical Mod: Cleaning of copper patina goes into the style of prepping and polishing properly. If the mech mod has copper parts and they appear like a penny, it is due to constant contact with your hands and the air. You can polish it off using regular polish to remove all build up. Patina on the outside doesn’t hamper performance. But if you want the copper patina to look incredible, you must clean it.


How To Clean Your Subtank, RDA, RDTA: When cleaning Subtank, it is important to disassemble all the parts. However, never use soap. Soap leaves residue that might mix with your e-juice. Also, don’t get water on the coils. You need to rinse the parts with warm water. With the RDAs remove the coil and cotton, rinse the build deck and the top cap with warm water. Next, let it dry.


Conclusion Cleaning of your mech mod is highly important if you don’t want to get unpleasant vaping experience. While some parts can be cleaned using water, some might not. So, know about the proper cleaning & maintenance methods of mech mod and then proceed with it.


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