How To Do Vape Tricks For Beginners

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The current presentation about the different vaping tricks performed by the vapers to amuse the visitors. The presentation briefs the process of doing various types of vape tricks. One can take a look to the different vape trick at a glance.


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How To Do Vape Tricks For Beginners


How to Blow an O Take a long drag to keep the vapor in your throat. Do not let it go into the lungs. However, you need a whole lot of practice to keep the vapor in the throat. However, try to take as much vapor as you can. The thick vapor makes better rings and helps to stay long. Make your mouth into “O” shape and feel like saying “Boo”. Start exhaling the vapor in a small amount like coughing with a little sound. However, the exhaling process needs the practice to make the “O” perfect.


How to Bend An O Bending the O ring is a nice trick but needs a lot of practice. With the help of this vape trick , you can bend it the way you want. You just need to keep your hand right in front of the hand. Do the steps mentioned in the previous slide to make an “O”. Follow the O ring with your hand and slowly try to direct the ring in the way you want. With a lot of practice, you can be able to do a more advanced trick with bending.


How to Bane Inhale The popularity of the trick generates from iconic Bane Mask of the Hollywood film The Dark Knight Rises villain. Inhale from your mod device and keep the smoke in your mouth, especially in the cheek. Keep your mouth full of it as the dense and thick vapor is needed for it. Start performing basic French inhale means let the smoke to come out of the mouth and inhale through the nose. Slowly, close your teeth. It will make the smoke sperate while coming out of your mouth.


How to do a Jellyfish Jellyfish trick is also known as the Atomic bomb and force field in the vaping community. You need to push out small vapor through a larger ring, which collectively will look like a jellyfish. This trick requires mastery and heel a lot of practice. Just create an O and glide it little with the hand. Gently exhale the second vapor through the center more like Ghost Inhale. It will together create a puff looks like a jellyfish.


How to do a Shark Split Shark split is not at all an easy trick to do as you need the right device for it. You can you use VGOD vape devices that give you perfect control to do the tricks. You just need to create O first and then need to inhale it from a corner. It is like sucking something with the help of a straw. It will make the O to get compressed from the middle and split. A combination of rotation and momentum is required to perform this trick. Shark split is a perfect amalgamation of shark bend and head split.


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