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One of the best things to donate is your eyes. This donation is done after the individual's death and benefits those you suffer from corneal blindness.


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Eye Donation Process One of the best things to donate is your eyes. This donation is done after the individuals death and benefits those you suffer from corneal blindness. In corneal blindness cornea - the clear and transparent tissue which covers the front part of your eye becomes clouded either due to malnutrition injury infection or disease. Due to this development the vision is either dramatically reduced or totally lost. The only way in which corneal blindness can be cured is by removing the damaged cornea and replacing it with a healthy one. As artificial corneas have not been developed yet the sole source for cornea is from fellow human beings. And this is why eye donation is one of the best ways in which you can help the needy and do your part to serve the society. Usually anyone irrespective of their age sex or blood group can be a donor. In fact poor eye sight is not an hindrance to eye donation. Thus whether you are suffering from short sightedness long sightedness or even if you have got your eyes operated your cornea can help a blind person see. The process of eye removal takes around 15 – 20 minutes and is conducted within 6-8 hours of death of the donor. There are several myths around the eye donation process which needs to be busted so that more and more people opt for eye donation. One such common myth is that donating eyes leaves behind a hole in the eye socket thereby disfiguring the face. This is a completely wrong assumption as only the cornea of the eye is removed in this process thereby leaving no scope for disfiguring of the face. Also there are many who think that eye donation goes against their religion. But this is one form of charity which is not only accepted rather encouraged by all the religions. Many traditions and scriptures endorse eye and organ donation. In case you are interested in eye donation then all you need to do is fill a pledge form and send it to your nearest eye bank. Along with this you can also make some online donati o n to help NGOs working for the blind bear the expenses of surgery

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and other medical care. For more details on eye donation and donations for charity visit www.sankaraeye.com. Sanakara Eye Hospital is the best eye hospital in India wherein your eyes get the utmost care it deserves.

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