Traditional vs laser cataract surgery

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Though the traditional method of removing cataract is one of the safest and most successful one, laser surgery has brought revolution in the sphere of cataract treatment.


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Traditional cataract surgery vs. laser cataract surgery Though the traditional method of removing cataract is one of the safest and most successful one laser surgery has brought revolution in the sphere of cataract treatment. Laser surgery makes use of an advanced femtosecond laser to assist or replace the hand-held surgical tools for the following steps in the cataract surgery: i. Corneal incision ii. Anterior capsulotomy iii.Lens and cataract fragmentation The first step in every cataract surgery is to make an incision in the cornea. Generally in a traditional cataract surgery the surgeon makes use of a diamond blade to create the incision which is done in the spot where the cornea meets the sclera. Through this incision the surgeon gets access to the interior of the eye and thus can easily break up/ remove the cataract which clouded the eyes natural lens. Once this is done an intraocular lens IOL is inserted and implanted to replace the cloudy natural lens. The same process in a laser cataract surgery is done with a sophisticated 3-D image of the eye called OCT – optical coherence tomography. With the OCT image and a femtosecond laser the incision can be performed in an accurate manner and the chances of the self-sealing process after the surgery is high along with extremely low risk of infection. This way compared to the traditional surgerical method laser surgery improves the visual outcomes of cataract surgery. Once the incision is made the next step is the removal of the front portion of the capsule which surrounds the eyes natural lens. This is done to gain access to the

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cataract. While doing this it is extremely important that the remaining part of the lens capsule remains intact in the eye and is not damaged during cataract surgery. In the traditional cataract surgery this step is done with the help of forceps while in the laser cataract surgery femtosecond laser is used to execute this step. Recent studies have showed that those cases wherein the capsulotomy was done using laser the centering of the intraocular lens and the IOL positioning has been invariably better as compared to the traditional method. The next step after capsulotomy is removal of the cataract. One major problem which surgeons using traditional method face during this step is the heat build- up in the incision due to the use of ultrasound energy. This heat build-up at times burns the incision and even promotes astigmatism. On the other hand if laser energy is used in the same situation the cataract is in fact softened and broken down into tiny pieces reducing the risk of heat build-up and capsule breakage. Thus overall though the traditional method of cataract removal is safe laser surgery helps in getting better results without causing any knid of damage to the surrounding cells and tissues. In fact it is proved to be 10 times more precise as compared to the manual techniques of surgery and is today seen as a better option by many leading cataract surgeons. For more information on laser cataract surgery and related issues visit Sankara Eye Hospital has the top cataract surgeons and is regarded as the best eye hospital in Ludhiana.

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