A Short Review of Recreational Activities at Rigel Networks


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Festivities and celebrations play a significant role in everyone's life. We, at Rigel Networks, ensure that major festivals are celebrated with zest and enthusiasm. Sports contests are held every once in a year, and fun-filled amusement activities on certain friday evenings lights up our work environment.


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Sports reveal an individual’s true character. In the month of January, we have our annual Sports event Ganador comprising Cricket and Badminton in which all the Rigeliets actively take part and perform with zeal . “Every match was competitive, especially the finals had a nail-biting end. I had the last laugh as I was the captain of the winning team.” – Divyesh Kaneria Employee Speak GANADOR 2017 www.rigelnetworks.com


She’s everything, and everything about her completes us! On women’s day, all our female employees receive a small memento—a token of recognition manifesting how important they are for our existence. “All of us went to Chocolate Room and spent a very good time. We had a hearty discussion on random topics. It was a long due catch up!” – Nisha Shukla Employee Speak www.rigelnetworks.com Women’s Day


We celebrate the festival of colors that signifies the victory of good over evil. Playing with natural colors and keeping the spirit of Holi alive, we wish all our peers that their life be filled with the colors of Holi that signifies several shades of joy and elation. “The best thing about our Holi celebration was playing with natural and eco-friendly colors. It was my first Holi as I was new to the company then. Earlier, I would usually detest Holi celebrations but on that day, I enjoyed thoroughly.” – Rushil Vyas Employee Speak Holi Celebration www.rigelnetworks.com


On some Friday evenings, we have an interactive, entertaining event comprising team activities. These activities are collaborative and fun-filled and helps to put a perfect balance between work and play. “I enjoyed a lot in both the activities. Whereas the first activity gauged our knowledge and awareness, the second one exhibited the creative side of our peers.” – Hardik Bhatt Employee Speak TGIF@RIGEL NETWORKS www.rigelnetworks.com


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