How to migrate Volusion to Shopify with Litextension


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Moving from Volusion to Shopify with Volusion to Shopify migration tool by LitExtension to optimze budget and save time. Check it out:


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How to migrate VOLUSION TO SHOPIFY Using LitExtension tool:

How to migrate VOLUSION TO SHOPIFY Using LitExtension tool


Shopping cart migration tool by LitExtension Shopping cart data migration tools by LitExtension help web developers and online business owner transfer data from cart to cart successfully Volusion to Shopify migration tool: http://


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PROCESS LitExtension - Shopping cart migration tool STEP 5 STEP 4 STEP 3 STEP 2 STEP 1 Setup Preparation Enter License Key Migration


I. PREPARATION For Source Store & Target Store If Source Store or Target Store is self-hosted: Please ensure you have the right permission to upload files. It must not block access from any third party IP. Source Store and Target Store can operate normally during migration as it requires a very limited resource for the process. PHP Compatibility: PHP 4.x or later. It is strongly recommended to backup Target Store first . If Source Store or Target Store is SaaS (example: Shopify , Bigcommerce , Volusion … ) Please ensure you have the permission to login backend of these stores.


2. For Cart Migration Cart Migration is a web application which can be installed on Source Store or Target Store or a third party server. Cart Migration should be placed in a stable hosting or in localhost . It also must not block connection to Source Store and Target Store PHP Compatibility: PHP 5.3 or later. Required PHP extensions: pdo_mysql curl Required PHP configurations: memory_limit no less than 128Mb allow_url_fopen must be On base64_decode should be allowed


II. SETUP After downloading the product zip file from our Store, please extract it into a folder. The package consists of two main parts: Cart Migration Application (“ cartmigration ” folder) and Connector (“ cartmigration_connector ”  folder).

1. Cart migration setup:

1. Cart migration setup Cart Migration is a web application which can be installed on Source Store or Target Store or a third party server . 1.1 . Upload “ cartmigration ” folder to your server, make sure it can be accessed via an url . Example: http :// cartmigration / 1.2 . Chmod folder app to 0777 1.3. Create an empty database in your server, this database will be used by Cart Migration to store migration tracking data. 1.4 .  Go to, you will see the Setup page. Enter the database login information here, Click “Setup ”.

2. Source and Target Store Plugin Setup:

2. Source and Target Store   Plugin Setup Copy and upload “ cartmigration_connector ” into Source Cart and Target Cart root folder. After finished please make sure Connector can be reached at: http(s):// cartmigration_connector / connector.php Note: It is only required to upload the connector in case your Source Cart or Target Cart is self-hosted.


If you have any problem reaching the link please ensure you have htaccess configured correctly and the file has execution permission. For security, please open connector.php , find this very first line: define (‘LECM_TOKEN’, ‘123456’); And change “123456” to another string, this will be used to enter to the Migration Form (Cart Token) and acts like “password” to prevent unauthorized data access to your source store. Note: please do not use special characters in token or else the migration tool might fail to work, it should contain number and alphabet characters only. Example: Good token: 12ab34cd56 Bad token: #Fr35h#Mi!5


III. ENTER LICENSE KEY License Key is an encoded string which comes with your download package. This key is needed to activate your Volusion to Shopify Migration Tool 1. After purchasing the product, please login to our store and enter “My downloadable products” section. Here you will find download link and license key for the download package.


2. Go to http ://, click on Settings, and copy and paste your license key here, click Submit.


IV. MIGRATION Return to, you are now at Step 1 of migration process. The migration will go through 3 simple steps. Just hit “Next” when you finish one step to advance . Step 1: Source Cart Setup For this category, you need to go to backend of your cart, export necessary data files as guide in the upload form. Example:


Step 2: Target Cart  Setup Target Cart Setup should be similar to Source Cart setup. Please read the above section for details . Step 3: Migration Configuration Languages Mapping: If your Source Cart is multilingual, corresponding languages ( or storeviews ) should be available in Target Store. You may need to create additional languages in Target Store to avoid data loss. Currencies Mapping: Assign Source Cart currencies to proper Target Store currencies. Creating currencies in Target Store may be needed. Orders Status Mapping: Assign Source Cart order statuses to proper Target Store order statuses. Creating additional order statues in Target Store may be needed. Entities to Migrate: select all entities to migrate or just a part of them.


Additional Options: Migrate recent data: if you choose this option, it will migrate new data only. Supposed you have just finished a full migration from your current Source store to Target store, after that Source store is still live and continue getting new data, and you want to get your Target store updated with the new data, select this feature to avoid starting over again. Clear current data on Target Store before Migration: if you choose this option, all current products, categories, manufacturers, customers, orders, product reviews, taxes will be cleared. Migrate categories and products SEO URLs: if you choose this option, old SEF urls of source will be preserved in Target Store, allowing you to maintain your Pagerank . Transfer images in product descriptions to Target Store: download all images in product description into your store so that it won’t have to refer back to your source store or anywhere else for images. Preserve Customer IDs on Target Store: this will help you preserve your old Customer IDs for easier reference. Preserve Order IDs on Target Store: this will help you preserve your old Order IDs for easier reference Note: Some additional options might not be available for some specific Source Carts or Target Carts.


Step 4: Volusion to Shopify migration The migration will take place automatically in this final step. In order for it to progress, you should not close your browser of remove Source Cart Connector. After the migration is completed, click on “Clear Cache and ReIndex Data” to finish.


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