Building Chicken Coops for your backyard

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There are many advantages of raising chicken in your own backyard. Chicken coop eggs are fresh, healthier and tastier.


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Building Chicken Coops for your backyard There are many advantages of raising chicken in your own backyard. Chicken coop eggs are fresh healthier and tastier. Backyard chicken coop can either be fixed or portable before making any decision you should consider pros and cons of each. Building a chicken coop for your backyard require careful planning. Here are some advantages of owning chickens coop in backyard. 1 Get daily fresh eggs. Eggs are natural organic and free from chemical. Farm eggs are more nutritious in comparison to factory eggs. Build a chicken coop and enjoy fresh eggs. 2 Backyard chickens are healthier Factory farmed chicken are fed an unnatural diet. They use hormones and antibiotics that are meant to produce more eggs quickly and cheaply. 3 Improve your garden Chicken provide a natural and no cost manure. They eat the grubs and bugs in the soil that aren’t good for plants. 4 Protect Chickens Chicken coop provide shelter to the chickens. It protects chickens from bad weather and predators. Chicken coop offer security and comfort to chickens.

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Things to consider when designing chicken coop. 1 Coop size Size of chicken coop depends upon number of chickens. You should always choose large coop size. 2 Climate The chicken coop should suit the climatic problems of the area in which you live. 3 Elevation Chicken coop should have proper elevation. It will protect your chicken from getting injured. 4 Cleaning the coop Make sure the coop is easily reachable to clean. Floor material should be chosen so that it allows fast cleaning. 5 Lighting Chicken Coop should also have Proper lighting system. Light and warmth are essential for your chicken. If the natural light is not adequate you can use artificial light in chicken coop. 6 Ventilation Chicken coop should have proper ventilation. Proper ventilation makes your chicken healthy and secure. Ensure chicken enjoy fresh air. 7 Nesting Area Nesting area should be enough so that your eggs will not be break. For more information visit

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