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STRESS MANAGEMENT By Jameel Pathan Nanded. 9420252254 jameel pathan

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Introduction of Stress management Stress is defined as “a person’s adaptive response to a stimulus, that places excessive psychological or physical demands on that person.” jameel pathan

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CAUSES OF STRESS: Organizational Stressors – These include factors in the workplace that can cause stress. Life Stressors – These include factors or events that take place outside the organisation. STRESS MANAGEMENT: Individual Coping Strategies Organizational Coping Strategies jameel pathan

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INDIVIDUAL COPING STRATEGIES: - Exercise - Don’t panic - Don’t be angry - Say your prayers & meditate - Keep your aspirations realistic - Clarify your role in the organization - Be patient - Make friends - Smile jameel pathan

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ORGANIZATIONAL COPING STRATEGIES: - Job analysis - Work schedules - Participation - Mix of work and non-work activities - Keep personnel well-informed of their ‘standing’ in the organization - Adopt open-door policy - Consistent policies - Family-like atmosphere - Helping jameel pathan

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THANX FOR BEING WITH ME Jameel Pathan jameel pathan

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