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NANDED CAREER PLANNING By …. Jameel Pathan 09764209311 1 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

How to Move into Management :

How to Move into Management Where do you want to be this next year ? Five year from Now ? Not just dollars / Rupees , but big picture … Professionally … Management ? Executive-level Management ? Team Leader ? Is your plan in place (written) ? Are you working your plan 2 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

Can you ? …:

Can you ? … If you think you can, you are right. Just be passionate about it. And if you lack passion, then develop it because success never comes till you are passionate about it … 3 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

Basic Life Position … :

Basic Life Position … A person script is related to three basic questions, namely … Who am I ? what am I doing here ? Who are all those other people ? Decisions on these questions determine and form the basis for life positions. 4 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

4 Basic Life Positions …:

4 Basic Life Positions … 1 . I am O.K ., You are O.K. 2 . I am O.K ., You are not O.K. 3 . I am not O.K., You are O.K. 4 . I am not O.K., You are not O.K. 5 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

I am OK., You are OK., :

I am OK., You are OK., Out Look : Healthy Thinks : He likes himself as well as other people. a). I am clever, smart, helpful b). You are clever, smart, helpful Behavior Pattern : If realistic, he can solve problems constructively; has valid expectations and accepts the importance of other people. 6 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

I am OK., You are not OK., :

I am OK., You are not OK., Out Look : Feels victimized or Persecuted Thinks : a). I am clever, smart, helpful b). You are mean, stupid, dishonest, etc., Behavior Pattern : Stop looking inwards and blames everyone else for his own mistakes/miseries 7 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

I am not OK., You are OK., :

I am not OK., You are OK., Out Look : Feels powerless when compared with others Thinks : it is based on feeling of inferiority a). I do every think wrong, I can’t think for myself. I am stupid. b). You are smart, honest, helpful, Behavior Pattern : He tends to withdraw, feels depressed and may commit suicide (in extreme cases) 8 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

I am not OK., You are not OK.,:

I am not OK., You are not OK., Out Look : Loses interest in Living Thinks : a). I am stupid, mean, dishonest, etc., b). You are stupid, mean, dishonest, etc., Behavior Pattern : He becomes introvert or reclusive, quiet and in extreme cases commits homicide or suicide. 9 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

Changing Positions …:

Changing Positions … A person who wants to change Must first analyse himself / herself He can break his negative script and become winner that is, respond automatically, Be credible, trustworthy and genuine If Senior wants to improve his subordinate, he must analyse the subordinate and break the subordinate’s negative script 10 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

Some Empirical Evidence :

Some Empirical Evidence In the early 60s Srully Bltick did a research on 1500 people. These people were divided into two groups and observed for 20 years. GROUP A – a made up 83% (1245 Nos )of the sample – career chosen for the reason of making money . GROUP B – the rest 17% (255 Nos) - chose a career based upon their passions and did what they wanted to do. At the end of 20 years, 101 people had become millionaires. Out of them, 100 were from the Group B 11 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded


CAREER LIFECYCLE Five space of Career Life cycle LEARNING STAGE + Needs to make Technical / Functional Skill Guide + ( Right Industry / Profession Learning Opportunities ) 12 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded


DEMONSTRATION STAGE + He / She demonstrates his competencies and begins to be Notified + This usually puts him into a certain carrier track and he begins to signal his potential for Leadership or other roles Guide + Learning Opportunities, Opportunities to demonstrate Performance CAREER LIFECYCLE 13 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded


CAREER LIFECYCLE KEY CONTRIBUTOR STAGE + He is fully matured at his role and is a critical part of them that drives results and is a an important influencer or decision maker in his area. Guide + Role Growth opportunities 14 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded


CAREER LIFECYCLE PEAK STAGE He is able to build on all his competencies and experience to play the maximum role he can in his career Guide + Role Opportunities to make noticeable impact 15 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded


WINDING DOWN STAGE + When individuals begin to think of life beyond just a professional career. Personal views of success and satisfaction are more important parameters in making career choices. Guide + Job Security, Job Satisfaction CAREER LIFECYCLE 16 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded


CAREER LIFECYCLE Compensation and Career growth are a function of the individual’s competencies first and being in a right place that enables deploying those competencies successfully Planning a career therefore means first acquiring the competencies that are relevant for the desired career path 17 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

How to get there … :

How to get there … Genuine interest in the Management role An understanding of the big picture Fit Performance Self – Education Communication ability Command & Presence *** Think Strategically… 18 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

It isn’t Easy … :

It isn’t Easy … To Smile To apologize To be unselfish To be admit mistakes To enjoy your work To laugh at yourself To think and than act To forgive and forget To control bad temper To make someone happy To learn from Mistakes To respond and not react 19 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

It isn’t Easy …:

It isn’t Easy … To be honest and truthful To refrain from criticizing To shoulder deserved blame To keep cool when provoked To listen without interrupting To respect others’ point of view To do a little more than expected To be well mannered to near & dear ones But it’s worth it ! … 20 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

Thank you :

Thank you Jameel Pathan Dy. Manager ICFAI National College Sai Bhavan Opp. Dena Bank INC Square Anand Nagar Nanded 9764209311 21 Jameel Pathan-INC-Nanded

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