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Commercial steam machine, offering continuous vapor-steam cleaning to almost any surface. Used in automotive industry (for exterior, interior, engine parts & deodorizing upholstery), food processing (to sanitize equipment chemical-free), bottling operations (sanitizing quickly & effectively with NO chemicals), food-service industry (restaurant kitchens, bakeries, freezers, etc) Medical & Hospitality industries (killing bacteria, eliminating mold &unpleasant odors, bedbugs, etc) all this while using extremely little water & saving thousands of dollars in chemical expenditures. Be green & profitable.


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@ Factory’s production line: 

@ Factory’s production line www.Steamericas.com 2

USA water problem 2011: 

USA water problem 2011 3 www.Steamericas.com

USA water problem 2012: 

USA water problem 2012 www.Steamericas.com 4

USA water problem 2013: 

USA water problem 2013 www.Steamericas.com 5

Municipality enforcement = fines: 

Municipality enforcement = fines www.Steamericas.com 6

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18-ounces of water, every 15-minutes >.16gal/min VS. 4gal/min 60+ Gallons of water, every 15-minutes 7 www.Steamericas.com

18oz/15-min <-> 60+gal/15-min: 

www.Steamericas.com 8 18oz/15-min <-> 60+gal/15-min

1-gallon/hour <-> 240+gallons/hour: 

1-gallon/hour <-> 240+gallons/hour www.Steamericas.com 9


Facts: Most bacteria can be eliminated (chemical-free) at 160 o F. 1-3 seconds of steam exposure will kill bacteria and mold. Steam penetrates deep into upholstery & carpeting to remove unpleasant odors (cigarette smoke). www.Steamericas.com 10

Cleans any surface, any job!: 

Cleans any surface, any job! www.Steamericas.com 11

excellent in the Boating industry!: 

excellent in the Boating industry! www.Steamericas.com 12

Vapor sanitizes with NO chemicals!: 

Vapor sanitizes with NO chemicals! www.Steamericas.com 13

Proven! even on medical-equipment: 

Proven! even on medical-equipment www.Steamericas.com 14

Sanitizing children’s areas…: 

Sanitizing children’s areas… www.Steamericas.com 15

Endless sanitation applications…: 

Endless sanitation applications… www.Steamericas.com 16

Stainless-Steel models for Food-Service: 

Stainless-Steel models for Food-Service www.Steamericas.com 17

Great tool for restaurants!: 

Great tool for restaurants! www.Steamericas.com 18

Steam extends barrel-life…: 

Steam extends barrel-life… www.Steamericas.com 19

powerful electric-models for bottling: 

powerful electric-models for bottling www.Steamericas.com 20

amazing the Hospitality industry!: 

amazing the Hospitality industry! www.Steamericas.com 21

BIG in the Automotive world!: 

BIG in the Automotive world! www.Steamericas.com 22

Solution to waste-water problems!: 

Solution to waste-water problems! www.Steamericas.com 23

Heavy Duty applications!: 

Heavy Duty applications! www.Steamericas.com 24

An impressive detailing tool: 

An impressive detailing tool www.Steamericas.com 25

Any job, big & small…: 

Any job, big & small… www.Steamericas.com 26

amazing the auto industry!: 

amazing the auto industry! www.Steamericas.com 27

Flexible for mobile-operations!: 

Flexible for mobile-operations! www.Steamericas.com 28

Cleans & Sanitizes upholstery!: 

Cleans & Sanitizes upholstery! www.Steamericas.com 29

powerful for exteriors & interiors: 

powerful for exteriors & interiors www.Steamericas.com 30

unbelievable results…: 

unbelievable results… www.Steamericas.com 31

Public-sector business : 

Public-sector business www.Steamericas.com 32

Standard Features:: 

Standard Features: Dual-hose connections Longest hose in the industry Moisture control (dry or wet steam) Automatic safety-controls Non-idling system www.Steamericas.com 33

Many accessories available:: 

Many accessories available: www.Steamericas.com 34

introduces: the Hotty-Vac: 

introduces: the Hotty-Vac www.Steamericas.com 35 NEW!

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