The Extravagance of Gujarat and Gujarati Culture

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Here are some insights on the various aspects of Gujarati culture. The state of Gujarat boasts a vibrant tapestry of art, architecture, culture, gujarati folk music and heritage; all of which is quite evident in the vernacular lives of the locals.


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Because many religions coexisting in the state, the people of Gujarat are polytheistic. Accepting different religious faiths, Gujaratis demonstrates a jovial mix of Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, and Buddhism. This amalgamation of multitude cultures is quite evident in their traditions, beliefs, customs, institutions, and practices.


Gujarati is the mother tongue of all the natives of Gujarat, several other languages are also widely spoken throughout the state. Gujarati is a language derived from Sanskrit and it is the 26th most widely used language in the world.


The fairs and festivals of Gujarat showcase the real exuberance and life of Gujarat. Several thousands of people come here to witness the extravaganza during festivals. Festivals like Navratri , Diwali, Rathyatra and Kite festival. 


The vast assorted array of handcrafted products display intricate Gujarati. These art forms are not only popular in our country, but are a well-known entity all across the globe. These artistic products include leatherwork, metalwork, furniture, jewelry , embroidered garments, baked clay articles and mirror work

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