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Informatica Training :

Informatica Training 37-12-14, plot no-27, NGGO's Colony, pattabhi reddy gardens, Visakhapatnam-07, Ground Floor 8-3- 214/3/A, Srinivas nagar colony west, S.R Nagar -500038, Near Huda Complex, Ph: 9000444287Website:

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Data Ware Housing Concepts         Introduction to Data Warehousing Introduction to OLTP  ETL and OLAP Systems Dimensional Modelling Types of Schema’s Types of Fact and Dimension Tables Why do we Need ETL tools What is Informatica?  Power Centre Components    Informatica Architecture Designer  Repository Manager  Workflow Manager  Workflow Monitor 

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Informatica Concepts and Overview    Source Qualifier  Target Designer  Transformations Mappings & Mapplet Sessions Workflows & Work lets Tasks  Sources    Working with Relational Sources Working with Flat Files (Direct/Indirect)  Targets    Working with Relational Targets Working with Flat file Targets 

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Transformations   Active and Passive Transformations Connected and Unconnected Transformations Reusable, Non Reusable & Shortcuts Expression Source Qualifier Filter Joiner Sorter Rank Router Union Aggregator Sequence Generator

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Lookup Stored Procedure Update Strategy Normaliser SQL Transformation Transaction Control Mapplet input and Output transformation Implementation of Slowly Changing Dimensions Type-1 Type-2 Type-3 Cache concepts (Lookup, Aggregator, Joiner, Sorter) Tasks Start Session Assignment

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Event raise and Event wait Email Command Decision Timer Control Advanced features Incremental Aggregation Mapplet Implementation Target Load Plan Target update override Constraint Based loading Mapping Parameters & Variables Session Parameters Link Conditions Performance Tuning  Real Time scenarios & FAQ’s

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