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Datamodelling Training :

Datamodelling Training 37-12-14, plot no-27, NGGO's Colony, pattabhi reddy gardens, Visakhapatnam-07, Ground Floor 8-3- 214/3/A, Srinivas nagar colony west, S.R Nagar -500038, Near Huda Complex, Ph: 9000444287Website:

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Chapter 1: Data Modeling Concepts Data Modeling Development Cycle Data Modeling Standards Steps to Create a Data Model Data Modeler Role Enterprise Data Modeling Conceptual Data Modeling Logical Data Modeling Physical Data Modeling Data Modeling Reports using Erwin (Also covered in chapter 7) Logical V/s Physical Data Modeling Relational Data Modeling / OLTP Dimensional Data Modeling / OLAP Slowly Changing Dimensions / Different Types of SCD

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Chapter 2: Erwin Tool: The Information Management Solution! Database Design Made Easy Implement Enterprise-wide Design Standards Erwin's Benefits CA Modeling Suite Manages Application Development  Chapter 3: The Premier Model Solution At Your Fingertips! How Do I Use Erwin? Before You Begin Target Databases Supported by Erwin  Chapter 4: Erwin's New And Advanced Features! Introducing Product Enhancements What's New In Erwin? What's New In Erwin 7.3 or later?

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Flexible Support Of Multiple Model Types Adaptable Menu Structure The Model Explorer What Can You Do In The Model Explorer? Using The Model Explorer Context Menu Model Pane Subject Areas Pane Domains Pane Dockable Toolbars Erwin Toolbox Selecting, Moving, and Resizing Objects Alignment, Spacing, And Grouping Tools Drawing Tools

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Chapter 5: Putting Erwin To Work! Working With Data Models What Is An Entity? What Is An Attribute? What Is A Relationship? What Is A Foreign Key? Creating A Data Model Enhance Your Data Model Splitting A Logical/Physical Data Model Derive A New Model Forward Engineering What's Next? 

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Chapter 6: Jump Start Your Data Design Process! Use Existing Data To Build A New Model Reverse Engineering Using The Reverse Engineer Wizard Using Erwin's Complete Compare  Chapter 7: Build Reports On Your Erwin Models! Learn What Report Builder Can Do  Chapter 8: Using Erwin's Advanced Features! Working With Design Layers What Is A Design Layer? Other Design Layer Hierarchies Creating New Design Layers Creating New Design Layers Splitting A Model Deriving A Model

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Adding a Model Source What Is A Transform? Transform Toolbar Applying Transforms Expected Transform Results Transforms And The Model Explorer Resolving And Reversing Transforms Synchronizing Changes Between Design Layers Preserving Model History How to design Dimensional Model using Erwin Chapter 9: Indexing and Partitioning Strategy using Erwin Tool and SQL Database

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