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Here at 18th Technology, you can get many development palteforms like Zend Development, Magento Web Development , WordPress Development, Joomla Development, OpenCart Development, Ruby On Rails Development, Node JS Development, OsCommerce Development , Typo3 Development, iOS Development, Smarty Development, Moodle Development for the growth of your business.


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Platforms For Growth:

Platforms For Growth


Platforms 1. Zend Development 2. Magento Web Development 3. WordPress Development 4. Joomla Development 5. OpenCart Development 6. Ruby On Rails Development


Platforms 7. Node JS Development 8. OsCommerce Development 9. Typo3 Development 10. iOS Development 11. Smarty Development 12. Moodle Development

1. Zend Development:

1. Zend Development Zend Development For Secure, High-Performance Solutions Did you know many businesses in India simply hire Zend developers because the apps developed using this framework can run on any PHP stack, provided it meets the technical requirements? That’s how flexible the framework is. Other reasons include: Extensibility Security Modularity Performance Performance, well, that’s what the framework is aimed at. We just make sure that you actually get high-performance solutions. And just for that, we take a stage-by-stage approach, and unlike others, do not mix things up.

2. Magento Web Development:

2. Magento Web Development Magento Web Development Services for a Better Conversion Rate At 18th Technology, we are of the opinion that if you offer several products, the customers may have a hard time choosing one. But, when you hire a Magento developer, you lay the foundation for what can be termed as “easy decision-making.” Recently View Products Product Tags Recently Compared Products Product Reviews E-Commerce is all about. When you hire Magento developers, you may save on marketing costs as well, because the platform itself has some great features that can help you sell more.

3. WordPress Development:

3. WordPress Development WordPress Development Company with a Competitive Edge Here, at 18th Technology, we are proud to be a well-known WordPress development company. We have come this far by providing our clients with attractive yet functional websites, meeting their exact requirements, irrespective of the business size. Customisation Ease of Use Cost Effectiveness SEO Friendliness Why Consider WordPress Development?

4. Joomla Development:

4. Joomla Development Taking Joomla Development to a Whole New Level Here, at 18th Technology, our developers have fallen in love with Joomla. Don’t they have every reason to? After all, it’s an award-winning Content Management Framework that lets them build powerful applications sans the complexities otherwise involved. Have the Users by Your Side We are of the opinion that no matter how good a website is, in case it doesn’t go down well with the users, it’s nothing but trash, plain and simple. But when you hire a Joomla developer, what you get is a site that’s : attractive; easy to navigate; full of crowd-pulling features

5. OpenCart Development:

5. OpenCart Development OpenCart Development for Tailor-Made, End-to-End Solutions At 18th Technology, we undertake OpenCart development to provide you with feature-rich, beautiful and affordable e-commerce solutions. We have experienced developers, who help you reap the rewards of this PHP-based, open-source platform. Why OpenCart ? Multilingualism Multiple Shipping Methods Multiple Tax Rates Multiple Payment Gateways Multiple Stores

6. Ruby On Rails Development:

6. Ruby On Rails Development Freedom to get the issues fixed by anyone No need to build the apps from scratch Perfect if you are a startup Easy to check the feasibility early on Ruby on Rails Specialists in India Are Now Just a Phone Call Away Here, at 18th Technology, we have task-oriented, experienced Ruby on Rails developers who make it possible for you to enjoy the benefits that this open source web application framework has to offer. They help you cut down on costs and save time, get a working prototype up and running as quickly as possible, and provide you with highly functional web applications and sites. With Ruby On Rails you have:

7. Node JS Development:

7. Node JS Development Node Js Development for Data-Intensive, Real-Time Applications Here, at 18th Technology, our experts get all excited at the mere mention of node js development. That’s because there aren’t many other platforms that fulfil their need for speed, can be used without any difficulty and enjoy the kind of popularity that Node js does. Wondering what’s in it for you? What Purpose Does It Serve? If you are looking for any of these apps, hire a Node js developer ASAP: Real-Time Scable Ones that handle quite a few connections to other systems The eventdriven I/O bound ones

8. OsCommerce Development :

8. OsCommerce Development OsCommerce Development Services for Getting More Footfall Online 18th Technology is one of the highly sought after providers of osCommerce development services in India. That’s because we understand how important it is for an online store to drive more traffic and increase the conversion rate. The best part is that we have learnt how to take full advantage of this platform. We can easily: Develop sites at a competitive price Introduce SEO-friendliness Offer adequate support for the maintenance of these sites Use our expertise requirements

9. Typo Development :

9 . Typo Development Typo Development Services for Future-Proof, Multilingual, Secure Solutions Unfortunately, there aren’t many Typo developers in India (given the fact that it’s more widespread in Europe). And those who do know how to use this Content Management Framework (CMF) often fail to make the most out of it. We don’t! Here, at 18th Technology, we make this open-source platform work in your favour and ensure that you get to benefit from: HTML5 Multilingualism Elastic Administration Modularity

10. iOS Development :

10. iOS Development Pocket-Friendly, On-Time iOS Development Services Here, at 18th Technology, we take pride in the fact that not many service providers in India understand iOS commerce the way we do. We have developed a deeper understanding and can come up with apps that enable you to tap the potential of this market – the market that’s flooded with iPhones, which Steve Jobs once claimed are not just communication tools, but “a way of life” (source: Wikipedia). What is it that we do? Our company is into end-to-end services – that’s the simplest way of putting it. The services that we offer include: Development of iOS apps iPhone iOS software development Custom development Development of enterprise applications

11. Smarty Development :

11. Smarty Development Flexibility Excellent Caching Security Easy Maintenance Smarty Development Services For Easy Maintenance, Better Security, and More Most of the Smarty developers in India claim to offer what they call “fast, dynamic, and out-of-the-box solutions.” However, here, at 18th Technology, we make no such claims. All we say is that if you want a site or application that’s easy to support and maintain, can be customised without any difficulty, doesn’t take much time in terms of deployment, and addresses your security concerns, do give us a call. Our Smarty development services are aimed at providing you with one

12. Moodle Development :

12. Moodle Development Moodle Development Services for Education and Training & Development A good developer can give you the push you need to get started. So if you have been meaning to take your coaching business to the clients’ homes or find a new way to train the employees at work, now would be the time. Because, now you have us, and we are one of the most reliable Moodle development companies in India. Need more reasons? What Our Developer(s) Can Do For You? Free Customisable Excellent Community Support Strategy Development Migration & Integration Customisation Plug-in Development

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