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In Exam Season Protein Rich Snack For Kids Comparing your child with Sharma Ji’s son is not the ideal way of motivating them for doing better in the upcoming exams. There are many more let’s say delicious ways of getting the best out of them. In exam season it’s essential that balanced and nutritious protein-rich snacks for kids are made so that they stay healthy alert and in their best form. During the high-stress exam season there is a lot of pressure on children both physical and mental and their diet goes a long way in helping them measure up to those pressures. There are various protein-rich snacks that you can make for your kids. You can also give a fruit snack for kids when they are in no mood for elaborate meals. Here we give you some of those ideas.

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Brown Bread Sandwiches For a quick fix meal for that late night study session sandwiches are the best options. Some vegetables paneer a little bit of mayonnaise or peanut butter – and a delicious wholesome meal is ready. These sandwiches are quite filling and 6-8 slices would be enough for your child as well as his study mate. Roasted Paneer Tikkas They sound like an elaborate starter for a proper evening party but they are quite easy to make and you can rustle them up real fast. Go easy on masala and marination as paneers in themselves are quite a wholesome food. To make them interesting to the children serve them with some nachos small quantities along with mayonnaise and salsa sauce. Besan Cheela Cheela a pancake kind of Indian variation but not sweet is again quite easy to make. Use tomatoes vegetables and coriander leaves. Roast them instead of frying. Serve them with Dahi and green mint-coriander-chilli chutney. Banana Milk Shake If the children are in no mood to eat late at night banana milkshake is an excellent option. Add honey instead of sugar top them up with some almonds raisins and cashew nut. Coupled with biscuits it becomes quite a full meal. Fruit Snacks for Kids Apart from these protein-rich snacks for kids in exam season there is also the option of fruit snack that they can have just by opening the packet. Fruit snacks are also available in combination like banana-mango banana strawberry etc. which means they offer your kids the goodness of two fruits. During exam season the kids need more energy a sharper memory and more physical and mental strength. As a parent you have to ensure that they get protein- rich snacks as per their body’s requirements. Of course you have to ensure they get the right amount of rest and sleep too. For more Information visit us at

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