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Looking for the perfect fabric? The Yorkshire fabric shop is here to help. We believe that with our vast choice of fabric and value for money prices, we will be your first stop for all your fabric needs. We stock a selection of upholstery fabrics in our fabric warehouse that are from a range of fabric designers and undiscovered.


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Everything in our homes needs to meet the requirement of modern era. As we don’t have time to maintain and take special care of whatever we have in our home. So everyone prefers to buy such products which require minimal maintenance and care. Upholstery fabric is one of those things. As modern age moms remain busy with their house chores or with their business and stuff. So they don’t find time to clean the fabrics time and again.

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Those houses where pets are present, the women remain tensed about how to clean the carpets and fabrics with tangled hair of their pets. The answer is simple. Just buy such fabrics which do not catch the pet hair. So here are some tips you should keep in mind before going to buy fabrics for pet usage.

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The Fabric may contain patterns, but use of tweed for pet fabric is extremely disliked. As mentioned earlier, they have high tendency to catch the pet hair and extremely difficult to clean, even when vacuum cleaner is used. Moreover, some fabrics contain such patterns which are not at the same grade and comprises of ups and downs. They also cause extreme cleaning problems.

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One should go for synthetic fabrics as they are available in different hues and styles. Moreover, they are available in abundance and is relatively inexpensive. Moreover, they are specifically designed keeping in view the requirements of pet holders so they are easy to handle and clean.

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Pets have some natural affection with natural leather. So pet holders should try to go for leather fabric for their pets if they can afford it. Leather is relatively expensive, but quality leather will take you out of the stress of cleaning the fabric time and again. It just needs a wet cloth to wipe off the hair and dirt and it is as new as it were before. Moreover, leather gives a classy look to whatever furniture is made out of it.

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Silk , tweed, wool, linen, chenille and velvet are the most unsuitable options when you go for purchase of pet fabrics. But all these conditions apply on the Upholstery fabric which is already present in your house. In case you have sofas and beds already present in your house before arrival of new pet, then it is impossible to change all the furniture just due to the fear of getting it scratched by the pets. So in this case, you may go for a scotch guarding of upholstery fabric present in your home.

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You should also go for outdoor fabrics like slipover cover to be used inside as well as outside home equally. You may want to enjoy a wide range of variety in pet upholstery fabric under one roof to meet your requirements. So here we are. Just got to and choose from a wide range of pet fabrics that best suits your requirement.

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