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What is 3G?:

What is 3G? 3G is the third generation technology. It supersedes 2G and precedes 4G. 2.5G was a temporary bridge between 2G & 3G. Required Features: faster data-transmission speeds. greater network capacity. more advanced network services.

Feature Of 3G:

Feature Of 3G 3G promises increased bandwidth. up to 384 Kbps at stable. 128 Kbps in a car or moving. 2 Mbps in fixed applications. 3G will work over wireless air interfaces such as GSM, TDMA, and CDMA. The new EDGE air interface has been developed specifically to meet the bandwidth needs of 3G.

How does 3G works?:

How does 3G works? 3G technology is intended for the true multimedia cell phone(Smartphone). Features increased bandwidth and transfer rates to accommodate Web-based applications and phone-based audio and video files. 3G networks have potential transfer speeds of up to 3 Mbps (3min mp3 take 15 sec to download). Comparison to the fastest 2G phones can achieve up to 144Kbps (3min mp3 take 8 min to download).

Services By 3G:

Services By 3G video conferencing receiving streaming video from the Web IPTV sending and receiving faxes instantly downloading e-mail messages with attachments.

3G Development:

3G Development December 2005, 100 3G networks were operating in 40 countries. In Europe, 3G services were introduced starting in March 2003 in the UK and Italy. By June 2007 the 200 millionth 3G subscriber had been connected. The first commercial UMTS 3G network in Africa (the first test call was made on 16 October 2004)

Advantage & Disadvantage of 3G:

Advantage & Disadvantage of 3G Advantage: International Telecommunication Union . International Mobile Telecommunications program. Disadvantage: 3G networks do not use the same radio frequencies as 2G. Expensive.

3G Service provider in India :

3G Service provider in India

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