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By: anamikasanvi11 (93 month(s) ago)

sir,i want a ppt on competency mapping for my presentation

By: anamikasanvi11 (93 month(s) ago)

sir,i want a good ppt on competency mapping

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What is “competency” : 

What is “competency” Competency for a job can be defined as a set of human attributes that enabels an employee to meet and exeed expectation of his internal as well as external customer and stake holders.

Competency as a tool : 

Competency as a tool Competencies are based on Knowledge: - information accumulated in a particular area of expertise (e.g., accounting, selling, servicing, management) Skills: - the demonstration of expertise (e.g., the ability to make effective presentations, or to negotiate successfully) Motive: - recurrent thoughts driving behaviors (e.g., drive for achievement, affiliation) Attitude: - self-concept, values and self-image Traits: - a general disposition to behave in certain ways (e.g., flexibility)

Competency– Broad categories : 

Competency– Broad categories Genric Competency Competencies which are considered essential for all emplyees regardless of their function or level Managerial Competency Competency which are essential for employees with managerial or supervisory responsibility in any functional area including directors and senior post.

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3. Technical/Functional competency Specific competency which are considered essential to perform any job in the organisation within a defined technical or functional area of work.

Competency Mapping : 

Competency Mapping Competency mapping is a process an individual uses to identify and desribe competencies that are the most critical to success in a work situation or work rate.

Application of Competency Mapping : 

Application of Competency Mapping Candidate appraisal for recruitment Employee potential for promotion or functional shift Employee training need identification. Employee performance diagnostics Employee self development initiatives

Understanding job position : 

Understanding job position To map the competency required for any job position in the organization , the job position needs to be undersood . To understand job position we need to identify job factors. Job Factors Direction Organizing and planning Resoures mobilization Coordination Execution

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Human interaction Technology Creativity Cost Value addition

Steps in competency mapping : 

Steps in competency mapping 1- Conduct a job analysis 2- Using the result of the job analysis prepare a competency based job description 3- With competency based job description begin mapping the competencies 4- Taking the competency mapping one step further

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