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Urbanization urbanization is the physical growth of the urban areas which result in rural migration and even sub-urban concentration into cities.

Hierarchy of urban road:

Hierarchy of urban road The hierarchy of roads categorizes roads according to their functions and capacities. Roads are classified as: Freeway road Arterial road Collector and distributor road Local road

Traffic analysis approach:

Traffic analysis approach

Mixed traffic characteristics:

Mixed traffic characteristics

Highway capacity & LOS:

Highway capacity & LOS HIGHWAY CAPACITY : The maximum hourly flow rate at which the maximum number of vehicles, passenger per unit time, which can be accommodated under prevailing roadway traffic and control condition with a reasonable expectation of occurance . LEVEL OF SERVICE : Level of service (LOS) is a quality measure describing operational conditions within a traffic stream, generally in terms of such service measures as speed and travel time, freedom to maneuver, traffic interruptions, and comfort and convenience.

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Capacity Vs LOS Quantitative measure Qualitative measure LOS is related with the physical characteristics of the highway and the different operating characteristics that can occur when the highway carries different traffic volumes. Capacity could be constant. But actual flow will be different for different days and different times in a day itself. LOS is related to the traffic service quality to a given flow rate of traffic. Speed-flow-density relationships are the principal factor affecting the level of service of a highway segment under ideal conditions.

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