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Use Kick-proof Doors If you do not possess strong doors, the burglars can kick your doors for getting in your house. Try using a deadbolt lock and reinforced metal box strike. Besides the entry doors, be aware of the doors that leads to your garage.


Protect Glass Areas You must secure the glass areas in your home. You can use safety films in your window that can resist blows about 400 ft pounds. Try to insert removable eyebolts within the existing window locks to make it more safe.


Add Alarm Systems You can install the home alarm systems Chicago for adding safety to your home. The central monitoring systems can call you in your mobile phone if they could not reach you through the landline.


Select Right Locks Try to choose the right locks for securing your home. You can use the pull-apart key chains so that the keys remain with you when your car is getting serviced or valet-parked.


Keep Your Home Bright Always try to keep your home illuminated with bright lights. Try installing the lights at a higher position in the exterior walls so that they cannot be hurled easily. For saving energy, you can use fluorescent bulbs with bright glow.


Use High Fences Your landscape must be organized wisely. Try to use high fences or tall foundation plants to be careful from the criminals. You can trim the branches of the trees that can provide access to the windows or roofs.


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