Stainless Steel Pipe Bends

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Jacob UK – Superior Stainless-Steel Pipe Bends Segments And Elbows More and more businesses are turning to Jacob UK when they need high-quality strong and durable stainless-steel pipe bends and segments to get the job done right. A pipe bend is ideal for changing the offset of a pipe or its direction and have a larger radius as opposed to pipe elbows as pipe bends have a curvature radius of more than twice the diameter of the pipe. When you choose Jacob UK for your pipe bends and segment needs you will be working with a superior and high-quality

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product. All their pipe segments and bends are all seam welded and press formed with expert precision due to their in-house tooling and advanced laser welding systems. Jacob UK ’s range of pipe segments and bends are available in your choice of material which are hot-dip galvanised powder-coated and stainless steel. Their stainless steel is a part of their FOOD GRADE range and is made in two types of stainless steel which are 1.4307 304L or 1.4301 304 and meet the European regulation EC 1935/2004 and FDA requirements. They have a range of different thickness options available as well as a vast choice of different diameters depending on your needs. The larger diameters are made by either pressed back or lobster segments. Apart from pipe bends and segments they also have stainless steel and powder-coated pipe elbows that are adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees. With a large choice of different diameters to choose from each adjustable pipe elbow has 45° rolled segments which are fully seam welded with precision and feature lipped ends. Their adjustable pipe elbows also come with sealant and a pull-ring that is galvanised and preassembled. This results in the pipe components being fully adjustable up until the moment that the mounting has been completed which is done by simply by tightening the screws on the pull-ring.

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With a high-capacity warehouse fast turn-around and a vast range of pipework systems available Jacob UK is the number one choice when you need high-quality stainless-steel pipe bends elbows and segments. For more information visit the Jacob UK website to view their entire range of pipework systems. Address: Jacob UK Limited Unit 2 Laundry Bank Church Stretton Shropshire SY6 6PH Website: Telephone: 01694 722841

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