4 Ps of Marketing

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4 Ps of Marketing : 

4 Ps of Marketing Example

The 4 Ps of Marketing : 

The 4 Ps of Marketing Target Customer

Example – The Principles of Marketing Class at FSCJ : 

Example – The Principles of Marketing Class at FSCJ

Product : 

Product Variety Quality Design Features Brand Name Packaging Services Class can be taken online, in a class setting, or in a hybrid setting. Offered at FSCJ – focus is more on real life application rather than theory Part of the Bachelors program Access to full school services

Price : 

Price List Price Discounts Allowances Payment Period Credit Terms Priced per credit hour. About $260 for this course. Book extra – about $130 used to $180 new Different prices for out of state and GA Students Discounts for state workers Financial Aid in the form of Grants, loans, and scholarships available Tuition due before access to course is granted. Professionals to help with payment and credit terms. Credit Cards accepted

Promotion : 

Promotion Advertising Personal Selling Sales Promotion Public Relations Advertising done online, direct mail, and via television Personal Selling by instructors to fill their classes Sales Promotion – periodic free classes Public Relations – large community involvement and public relations staff. News articles central to the college’s promotion.

Place : 

Place Channels Coverage Assortments Locations Inventory Transportation Logistics Direct to consumer channel. In class offerings for local consumption and online offerings for national consumption 5 campuses and 7 centers Small class sizes Public transportation stops at most campuses and centers Large support staff for students and instructors

Target Customer : 

Target Customer Target Customer or Intended Positioning Reside in Jacksonville Traditional and Non-Traditional Students Students needing flexibility No need for high debt due to student loans Low to middle income families Feeling of community

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