Pueblo Bonito Timeshare scam Los Cabos,Mexico

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Pueblo Bonito Timeshare scam Los Cabos,Mexico:

Pueblo Bonito Timeshare scam Los Cabos,Mexico When I went to Los Cabos , Mexico last January, I really only went because I had an airline ticket that would expire if I didn’t use it .  I had been to Mexico many times and was well aware of the timeshare salespeople who hung around the airport on arrival waiting to entice naïve travelers. I managed to avoid them (I thought) but was approached by a very pleasant fellow just as I was leaving the airport who claimed the airport authority had a special promotion on trips. I listened to what he had to say after being assured this wasn’t a timeshare and only after I had signed on to several trips I wanted to do anyway did he reveal that I would have to attend a timeshare presentation after all. I was embarrassed to back out at that point and agreed to a timeshare presentation the next morning to get it over with. Because I already owned several timeshares I wasn’t using I had zero interest in owning another one. The next morning I was jet lagged and a bit disoriented and when I went to the presentation they matched me with a Canadian like me who wore me down over a number of hours until I finally agreed to buy after he told me he was sure (but of course couldn’t promise) I could sell the other timeshares .  The next morning I tried to get out of the contract and was told that even though Mexican law had a 7 day clause it would be really hard and I shouldn’t try it. This experience ruined the week for me. I felt sick about it the whole time I was there.  When I came back to Canada I still wanted to find a way to get out of the contract. I was so determined I searched the internet until I came across Mexican Timeshare Solutions.  It sounded to good to be true and I was really skeptical at first of any company claiming to get me out of my contract ,however I saw that there were absolutely no negative reviews about the company on the net which intrigued me so I called them and asked them a lot of questions. I was impressed by the fact that they didn’t want any money up front but only when they had accomplished cancelling your contract. Even then I wasn’t sure they would really come through for me.  It did take some time, however, they did exactly what they said they would do and I happily sent them their fee last week. I am really impressed with their integrity. This is a company I would recommend highly to anyone who has been pressured to buy a timeshare they really didn’t want with misrepresentations and sometimes outright lies.  They are exactly what they say they are. Thank goodness for me.

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