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Isaca CISM Certified Information Security Manager

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Did You Know CISM Exam Questions Answers CISM Exam QA

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Question NO 1 Who is ultimately responsible for the organizations information A. Data custodian B. Chief information security officer CISO C. Board of directors D. Chief information officer CIO Correct Answer: C

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Question NO 2 Which of the following factors is a PRIMARY driver for information security governance that does not require any further justification A. Alignment with industry best practices B. Business continuity investment C. Business benefits D. Regulatory compliance Correct Answer: D

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Question NO 3 A security manager meeting the requirements for the international flow of personal data will need to ensure: A. a data processing agreement. B. a data protection registration. C. the agreement of the data subjects. D. subject access procedures. Correct Answer: C

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Question NO 4 An information security manager mapping a job description to types of data access is MOST likely to adhere to which of the following information security principles A. Ethics B. Proportionality C. Integration D. Accountability Correct Answer: B

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Question NO 5 Which of the following is the MOST important prerequisite for establishing information security management within an organization A. Senior management commitment B. Information security framework C. Information security organizational structure D. Information security policy Correct Answer: A

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Question NO 6 What will have the HIGHEST impact on standard information security governance models A. Number of employees B. Distance between physical locations C. Complexity of organizational structure D. Organizational budget Correct Answer: C

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Question NO 7 In order to highlight to management the importance of integrating information security in the business processes a newly hired information security officer should FIRST: A. prepare a security budget. B. conduct a risk assessment. C. develop an information security policy. D. obtain benchmarking information. Correct Answer: B

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Question NO 8 Temporarily deactivating some monitoring processes even if supported by an acceptance of operational risk may not be acceptable to the information security manager if: A. it implies compliance risks. B. short-term impact cannot be determined. C. it violates industry security practices. D. changes in the roles matrix cannot be detected. Correct Answer: A

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Question NO 9 An outcome of effective security governance is: A. business dependency assessment B. strategic alignment. C. risk assessment. D. planning. Correct Answer: B

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Question NO 10 How would an information security manager balance the potentially conflicting requirements of an international organizations security standards and local regulation A. Give organization standards preference over local regulations B. Follow local regulations only C. Make the organization aware of those standards where local regulations causes conflicts D. Negotiate a local version of the organization standards Correct Answer: D

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CISM Exam Questions Answers CISM Exam QA

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