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General Motors : 

General Motors Company profile Economics – Victor Smith

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GM is truly an all American brand, that has been satisfying their customers from the beginning. Whether its performance, luxury or looks, GM has the car for you.

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GENERAL Motors was founder September 16 1908 by William Billy Duran

General Motor Brands : 

General Motor Brands GM’s brands consist of: Chevrolet Pontiac Buick GMC Cadillac Saab Saturn Hummer OPEL Vauxhall Holden Daewoo

General Motorsleadership : 

General Motorsleadership Daniel F. Ackerson* Chief Executive Officer Stephen J. Girsky* Vice Chairman, Corporate Strategy and Business Development Christopher P. Liddell* Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer Thomas G. Stephens* Vice Chairman, Global Product Operations Jaime Ardila* GM Vice President and President, GM South America Timothy E. Lee* GM Vice President and President, GM International Operations David N. Reilly* GM Vice President and President, GM Europe Mark L. Reuss* GM Vice President and President, GM North America Mary T. Barra* GM Vice President, Global Human Resources

GM Stock : 

GM Stock GM General Motors Company 34.68- price +0.20 0.58% - change 52.02B- market cap

GM finance : 

GM finance General Motors financing and insurance activities are conducted by Ally financial, who were formally known as GMAC. General Motors owns approximately 10 percent of Ally financials stake.

Financial troubles : 

Financial troubles In recent years GM has struggled with financial troubles that threatened the viability of the company. GM received “bail out” money from the U.S Government, and for a short period claimed section 11 bankruptcy in 2009 (although this did not last, GM was back on the stock market within a year).

GM’S Bail out : 

GM’S Bail out On December,31,2008 GM entered in a loan agreement with the US Department of Treasury for funding for 13.4 billion dollars. GM ‘s sales were down 11 percent from the previous year with only 8.5 million vehicles sold.

Bailout repercussions : 

Bailout repercussions Last April GM announced that it would cut 21,000 jobs. GM decided only to focus on their 4 core brands Chevy, Buick, Cadillac and GMC Their Pontiac brand was phased out of production by 2010 GM reduced their models down to 34 from the 48 from the previous year(reduction of 29 percent)

GM and Marketing : 

GM and Marketing General motors markets their products through the internet, billboards and city advertisement, and of course through television ads. Like this super bowl commercial…..

Corporate responsibility : 

Corporate responsibility GM is practicing economic responsibility through there various out reach programs like, their environmental commitment program where they are producing greener vehicles, starting the green vehicle recycling program and making their factories more eco friendly. Gm also makes generous donations to various communities in the U.S to give back to the people who keep gm alive and thriving.

GM physical resources : 

GM physical resources Gm has manufacturing plant is 33 countries and sells its car brands in over 190 countries.

GM and its workers : 

GM and its workers Most of GM’s factory workers are unionized and enjoy excellent benefits. Their salary workers have numerous options in healthcare. This includes the “BASIC” plan, the “ENHANCED” medical plan, and where available the HMO or PPO option. They are also assured basic life and disability insurance, a saving stock purchase aka a 401k, 14 paid holidays off, vacation time ranging from two to five weeks, and the opportunity to buy GM vehicles at a discounted price for there selves or family members.

GM past performance : 

GM past performance General motor has been the leading U.S automotive company for most of its past presence. GM’S sales have fallen dramatically each year from 1998 to 2009 in which has damaged the companies worth.

GM’s present performance : 

GM’s present performance With the job cutbacks, release of Pontiac and reduction of models from 48 to 34, GM is creeping its way up the stock market and rising above the obstacles it faced during its section 11 bankruptcy bail out.

GM’s future performance : 

GM’s future performance General Motors is striving to return as the manufacturing giant they once were known as. There have been many obstacles in GM’s way in recent years, but these obstacle have caused GM to step back and re-think how they are running their corporation. GM will emerge from the rubble as a new rejuvenated company with innovative ideas.

GM’S reputation : 

GM’S reputation GM was once referred to as the American car company, now-a-days that is not the case. Unfortunately GM has had financial trouble that has truly damaged their reputation. Consumers look at a companies reputation and decide if they want to buy their products by this reputation. Although GM has many environmental, education, safety, and community projects, their reputation as a failing company is still lingering in consumers heads because of recent performance loss. General Motors has a long rough road ahead of them, but one rough patch will not affect their loyal customers (like myself) who will always choose GM.

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