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Here is the step by step guide on how a PSD file can be converted easily into the great CMS platform like WordPress. If you don't know anything about PSD, then you should first know what PSD is or what its functioning is. Usually it is known as open document file in static form. To maintain a proper structure it is indeed helpful in the theme structure of any PSD format file. WordPress themes are superior output that requires customization. While designing your Photoshop design to WordPress theme, one can use a maximum number of folders as possible, this helps to maintain the correct WP theme template structure. Sometimes people searched for many kinds of tutorials, presentation and documents on the web. Here is the great PPT which can surely helps anyone in delivering valuable result to any format.


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A Simple Tutorial To Convert PSD to WordPress Theme Are you holding a beautiful website design made in Adobe Photoshop and saved in PSD format? If you now want to implement it on your WordPress Blog, you need to convert this image file into WordPress theme. No magic wand can do it. You can convert PSD to WordPress theme yourself. All you require are the right steps, so let's begin the conversion. Before we begun... For those who are not very well aware of PSD, it is called as Photoshop Document. It is can be open in Photoshop and helps to make changes as required. Therefore, it is sometimes called as open files. WordPress themes are superior output that requires customization. When designing your PSD to WordPress theme, one can use a maximum number of folders as possible, this helps to maintain the correct WP theme template structure.


Steps to Convert PSD to WordPress Themes Step 1: Slice The PSD File


Step 1 Continued........ A PSD file can be layered, unlike a JPEG/JPG image. It is broken into pieces because one single image will take a long time to upload. Therefore, it needs to cut down into pieces. It is also done to associate different behaviours with different segments of the image. Slicing is done in a logical manner. It is done such a way that each slice is linked to various URL links and optimised within Photoshop. And these slices are further reassembled via code to create a web page. Adobe Photoshop allows using layers. It has good slicing facility and saves the resulting segments as a separate image file. One can choose these image to save in JPG and PNG format. While slicing you should be very careful, because even a single mistake can make two pieces unfit to join back together. While slicing with the aim of converting it into WordPress theme, CSS is a powerful source to generate many elements with a few lines of code. With CSS, you can create a solid color, gradients background, lines, arrow and special symbols, etc. One need to save these things as images.


Step 2. Create HTML & CSS Once the slices are completed and saved, the developers set to create an HTML website.It is although tricky yet simple. You should first create an HTML file. In this file, you should write HTML or XHTML codes. This will help to see various image pieces from your PSD.


Step 3. Break HTML file into WordPress themes files Now in this step, you need to break the HTML file as per the theme structure of WordPress. So, you can do it to distribute the code of HTML into various WP files. Some of the important theme files for WordPress are archive.php, comments.php, category.php, index. php, page.php, search.php, single.php, style.php, 404.php, etc. If you are well versed with the PHP, then it is fine, but if not, you will face difficulty. There are many online tutorials for learning PHP.


Step 4. Add Extras Now this is the stage where you convert simple PHP files into WordPress theme files. You can also add WordPress tags into your files. Once these theme files are ready, you can put into a folder with the same name of your new theme. After uploading the theme folder, you can check dashboard of the WordPress and then theme appearance. Here you will find new theme listed among the other themes. You can proceed to activate now.


Step 5. Testing It is a most important step in every web development process. Testing, debugging, and best of all, optimization is included in this step. After everything is done, the theme is tested for performance, browser compatibility, and responsiveness. So, now you are completed with your fully functional WordPress theme based website beginning with a Photoshop design. In today's competitive world it is very crucial to have a professional website which helps to create a good network. So, do not sink into the pool of competition, and this will truly reflect the personality of your business.

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